Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thasos Greek Island Grille - Costa Mesa, CA

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon Thasos Greek Island Grille tucked inside a small shopping center across from South Coast Plaza this weekend, and my eye was drawn immediately to the menu in the window,  proudly proclaiming "The Mediterranean Vegan Feast"!! Of course, I LOVE when restaurants have vegan options, but I am always doubly impressed when they actually have the word "vegan" on the menu.

We sat down amongst few other diners in their tiny dining room and had fast, friendly service. We ordered right away and I got my lentil soup very quickly. It was downright delicious and flavorful!

 Thasos' Lentil Soup...hearty and delicious!

When I was almost done with my soup they brought out my Vegan Feast...it included four falafels, four rice 'n' herb dolmades topped with fresh tomato sauce, sauteed veggies drizzled with balsamic vinegar, hummus and pita. YUM! By this time the dining room was completely full!! Service slowed down a bit, but it seemed like one waiter was covering the restaurant, so it was understandable.

Sorry for the bad photos...it was kind dark!

This was a very filling, very satisfying meal and while it wasn't all that different or adventurous, it was still very good! I don't know many other Greek places in Orange County besides the Daphne's chain, but Thasos is definitely worth checking out!

They also have two convenient locations...one at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and the other where I visited, in Costa Mesa near South Coast Plaza

Visit thasos.com for location info and to take a peek at their menu!  

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  1. Sounds perfect - love lentil soup....almost makes me miss living down that way. Almost :)

    Thanks for sharing, will definately check it out next time I am down visiting friends.