Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Disappearing Acts and other Curiosities

Gah! It's been a few weeks since I've haunted the hallowed halls of this little blog, so I apologize, dear readers (errrrr...if there are any left).

What is the reason behind my disappearing act? Hmmm...well it might have something to do with my discovery and subsequent tumbling (tee hee) head-over-heels for Tumblr (sorry's not you, it's me; we aren't breaking up, but consider this an open relationship from here on out).

Fear not! I will still be posting on here...March is nearly over and spring is here (though the weather suggests otherwise) and it's always during this time that the Halloween bug bites...HARD. Plus I have a bunch of vegan products I want to review and there's always a grab-bag of horror goodies for me to talk about. So look for more posts, rants, raves, etc. coming...eventually!

And if you have a Tumblr, check out mine HERE!