Sunday, August 28, 2011

Halloween Finds at Bath and Body Works

 Spooky Soaps and Horrid Hand Sanitizers

I stopped into Bath and Body Works to check out their Halloween Boo-tique this weekend, and while I remember them having more goodies last year, they still had a nice selection. I particularly love their orange candle emblazoned with a sparkly bat (see pic below)!

 Cute Candles and Candle Holders

My favorite fall scent of theirs is "Creamy Pumpkin", followed closely by "Caramel Apple". Mmmmmmmm.... these scents never fail to remind me of autumn! I also luuuuurve their hand sanitizers, though I still have some left over from last year's haul and therefore didn't get any new ones this year.

More Halloween Goodies!

Bath and Body Works had lots of cutesy Halloween items this year, but not too many spooky ones, which was disappointing to me. Notably missing were last year's amazing haunted house luminaries. They had some other candle holders decorated with skulls, bats and other Halloween miscellany, which I plan to buy on future visits, but nothing quite as impressive as last year's offerings.

All in all, it was certainly exciting to see Halloween items on store shelves in-person! I can't wait until all the other stores are crawling with creepy Halloween arrays!

*Please note that while Bath and Body Works touts itself as a "cruelty-free" company, which I applaud, I have never verified if their items are vegan! Please check with the company itself if this is something you are passionate about.*


  1. I had to stop in Bath and Body Works to see their Halloween displays too! My favorite item was the light-up, coffin shaped soap dispenser - complete with skeleton! If it hadn't contained green apple soap and been expensive, I would have needed it... I also remember seeing an adorable glitter skull soap dispenser.

  2. I totally wanted that coffin-shaped soap dispenser as well, but you are right - the scent was gross and it was wayyyyy to pricey!