Saturday, July 6, 2013

Healthy Junk's Vegan Breakfast Club

You know what one of my favorite meal times is? BREAKFAST! I love tofu scrambles, hash browns, (Smart) bacon, fresh fruit, french toast, bagels, pancakes, waffles, cereal and lots and lots of coffee. The problem is, I'm pretty lazy and I'm not a fan of cooking when I get up in the morning. Another problem is that there aren't too many places you can get vegan breakfast items in Orange County. There is always Mother's Market (their tofu scramble is bomb) or Freesoulcaffe (delicious waffles), but sometimes you crave something new...

Enter the all-vegan eatery Healthy Junk in Anaheim, California, which already serves amazing vegan comfort food for lunch/dinner, that just had their first ever "Breakfast Club" this morning! I am already a big fan of Healthy Junk's yummy vegan offerings, so as soon as they announced their breakfast club I was one of the first to sign up! I believe they had 50 slots for their first breakfast club, to test it out and see how it would work. I was placed into the "earlybird" 8 AM group, which I was totally stoked for. I definitely don't mind getting up early for a delicious vegan breakfast food as long as I don't have to make it!

Healthy Junk in Anaheim, CA

Mister Spooky and I arrived there a few minutes before 8 AM and you could tell everyone there, patrons and employees, were excited for the first-ever breakfast club! Chef Lynda herself was greeting everyone at the register and later walked around to talk to everyone! She is such a sweetie (as are all her employees!)!

Breakfast Club

It was $15 per person for an all-you-can-eat buffet style spread that included fried chick'n smothered in gravy, buckwheat waffles topped with your choice of maple syrup and bananas/blueberries, tofu scramble with "fakin' bacon", crispy homestyle potatoes, fresh baked muffins (blueberry, cranberry walnut and chocolate chip), fresh fruit with mango lime dressing and beverages (coffee, tea or OJ). It was SO MUCH FOOD!

Healthy Junk's Fried Chick'n, Homestyle Potatoes, 
Buckwheat Waffles, Tofu Scramble!

Mister Spooky and I had our plates loaded with fried chick'n and gravy, a waffle topped with fruit, tofu scramble and potatoes (we skipped the fresh fruit cuz we are rebels like that). We each grabbed a muffin, coffee (for me) and orange juice (for him) and found a cozy spot on their outside patio. We dug in and weren't disappointed! Everything was delicious, but the chick'n fried steak was the real standout! THIS was vegan comfort food - the gravy was thick and creamy and the chick'n was fried to perfection - delectably crispy on the outside and tender in the middle. Even Mister Spooky, who is an omnivore and can be picky with vegan food, loved it!

Healthy Junk in Anaheim, CA

We also enjoyed the other items. I liked the flavors of the tofu scramble and thought the addition of zucchini was a nice touch. The buckwheat waffles and homestyle potatoes were scrumptious! My favorite way of eating all this deliciousness was layering the chick'n, waffles and potatoes into bite-sized morsels and stuffing them all in my mouth at once for an explosion of flavors! MMMMMM!!

Healthy Junk's Breakfast Club

After eating one plate of food each, we were both stuffed!! Hard to believe, but just one plate each satisfied us both. I tried a bit of the muffins (I was too full to enjoy any more), but I can't wait to have them later because the tiny bites I took were so fluffy and wonderful!

Healthy Junk's breakfast club was a huge success and I really hope they do one at least once a month (or maybe just decide to open for breakfast every Saturday)! It seemed like everyone that was there had a wonderful time and the food was so amazingly good!

If you want to get in on Healthy Junk's next breakfast club (and drool over their regular menu items), follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

For more info you can also visit their website!

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