Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Ghostly Decor for a Haunted House Party

Ghosts in the graveyard
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Just one week to go until the best day of the year!! Are you seeking to invoke the spirits on Halloween but need a little otherworldly help to set the mood? Look no further than these haunting inspirations for ghostly decor that will surely entice apparitions and party guests alike to attend your spooky soiree.

 Black and white makes a bold statement, and I love the ghostly
 white pumpkin and tree centerpieces and how they are
 juxtaposed against the black table and place settings.

Having your guests dine by candlelight evokes a haunted aura. 

Lacy white tablecloths, cobwebs and gauzy white
accents give your home an ethereal feel. 

Decaying curtains can add a haunted house feel to your 
decor, and you can learn how to make these moth-eaten 
curtainsfrom Martha Stewart's site!

Go for the classic haunted house look and drape white sheets over furniture, 
then add cobwebs! Traditional but effective!
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 Add a ghoulish graveyard outside!
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Spooky silhouettes in the windows will terrify passersby!
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