Monday, August 3, 2015

Halloween 2015 at Big Lots

I found the bat lights!

When I heard that Big Lots already had their Halloween stuff out, I got there as soon as I could! I had my eye on a metal marquee bat light I'd seen several people post about, and, huzzah!, I found it! Of course, I took photos of all their other Halloweenie items as well! Pics are below:

Lots of Halloweenie signs

 These butlers even say spooky phrases!

 Pumpkins are happiness


 I couldn't resist these trick or treat placemats!

 Corpse concoctions

 A spooky tree that looked pretty neat, but I didn't feel like ponying 
up the $40 it cost.


 Lovely potion bottles

The whole world would be a happier place if bathed in the orange light of 
jack-o-lanterns or candy corn-colored lights!

 I couldn't resist getting two bat lights, cuz bats are my spirit animals!

Bat light plus more bat lights! The multi-colored, LED string bat lights were
only $4 at Big Lots! That's a score considering they are usually $10 elsewhere!
I also picked up some skull and pumpkin string lights.

Have you been to Big Lots yet? If so, what Halloween goodies have you found?


  1. i have to go - i am by a big lots a few times a week. i really love the skeleton chick in frame and the bat light ups!

  2. That sign "Out Haunting" with the cat and pumpkin on it is going to be my goal next time I'm out. Thanks for posting this!

  3. I'm really loving the Day of the Dead items this year! That cameo in the second pic down is great! So much for not doing much spending this year.