Friday, August 7, 2015

Watch Now on Netflix: Alien Abduction (2014)

I've been on a big alien kick lately, but I totally bypassed Alien Abduction on Netflix countless times because it looked just so...generic! Everything from the bland title to the film poster just makes it seem like another run-of-the-mill horror movie, but when I saw that it had a pretty high star rating I decided to give it a chance.

Synopsis: An 11-year-old autistic boy uses a camcorder to document his family's ill-fated camping trip and subsequent encounter with malevolent aliens.

Whoa, I was kinda blown away. Yes, it's another "found footage" movie, but it's done right, with a valid explanation as to why the character keeps shooting video throughout the ordeal (the autistic boy uses the camera as a coping device and is always shooting video). I got sucked in from the moment I started watching. I thought the whole family was genuine and real, and their chemistry and interactions were spot-on, even when the aliens decided to ruin their vacation.

I loved the visuals in the film, especially the ominous empty cars that family happened upon, with the seat belts torn out and vacation gear strewn across the road, as well as the cascade of dead crows that fell from the sky when the aliens arrived.

The aliens themselves were pretty vicious, popping up when you least expected them to and sucking people up into their spacecraft. You don't see too much of them, but they were shown just enough to freak me out. You know, I never thought I was afraid of aliens, but I'm kinda thinking they DO scare me after checking out movies like this!

I was also creeped out by the fact that the film is based on the real phenomena of the Brown Mountain Lights, which appear mysteriously in rural parts of North Carolina and remain unexplained. Heebie jeebies!

So I say ignore the boring title and poster, and watch Alien Abduction now (it's available on Netflix streaming)!

You can also buy it on Amazon!

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