Friday, July 29, 2016

What I Ate: July Junk Food Edition

Tex Mex Taco Fries - made with Trader Joe's shoestring fries, Trader Joe's Soy
Chorizo, a cilantro pesto sauce and creamy garlic Alfredo crema (recipes in
the June edition of VegNews), tomatoes, jalapenos, onions.

From the pics below, it looks like I have subsisted on a diet of only vegan donuts, pizza, and sweets this July! Well, maybe that isn't too far from the truth, haha, but perhaps in the future I'll take pics of healthier meals (and try to eat healthier more often...maybe?). All the glorious food in this post is, as always, vegan, and I love sharing these posts with readers so they can see that vegans don't only eat salads.

So here is some of the delicious vegan junk food that I enjoyed this July!

 Seabirds Kitchen weekend brunch - Porque Maria (smoked sliced tofu, cashew
 "gruyere" cheese, rocket arugula, toasted sourdough, with powdered sugar and
 fresh fruit) and their Old Town Grilled Cheese (sourdough grilled cheese melt 
with sharp cashew "gruyere" spread, basil avocado sauce and provolone cheese).

 New menu item at Seabirds - the Golden Tomato Pie! So flavorful and made 
with smoked yellow tomato, Kite Hill soft fresh cheese, house made 
cashew gruyere, and basil pesto. Served with kale Caesar salad. 

 A new weekend brunch item at Seabirds - the Chipotle Florentine made with 
polenta cakes topped with organic spinach, heirloom tomato, egg tofu rounds, 
smokey chipotle hollandaise and green onion. Served with arugula salad.

 Another visit to Seabirds for their weekend brunch - Chipotle Hollandaise,
Biscuit Bomb, Porque Maria, Purple Taquitos (these are a must every time!), 
and fried avocado taco. Seabirds is the best!

I hosted a horror movie and pizza night for a few friends, and made four
 incredible pizzas - this one is a Vegan BBQ Chicken pizza using 
Beyond Meat and Miyoko's Mozzarella (tweaked from my recipe HERE). 
We watched Return of the Living Dead and it was such a fun night!

 I also made this simple basil, tomato sauce and Miyoko's Mozzarella pizza.

This Buffalo Chick'n Spinach Pizza was a big hit! This had creamy garlic 
Alfredo sauce topped with spinach, onions, and Buffalo sauce-marinated
Beyond Meat chick'n. Recipe was from VegNews' June 2016 pizza issue! 

 The big winner of the night was this Tex Mex Taco Pizza (recipe also from
VegNews' June 2016 pizza issue)! It is topped with a cilantro pesto sauce, 
soy chorizo from Trader Joe's, jalapenos, red onion, tomatoes, and 
drizzled with a creamy garlic Alfredo sauce. This was gobbled up in minutes, 
but I had some leftover ingredients and made Tex Mex Taco Fries 
(photo at top of post!). SO GOOD! There were three non-vegans in attendance
and they were raving about all the pizzas, which makes me SO HAPPY!

 Summer has been sweltering, so when I don't feel like cooking (which is 
basically all summer), I love getting vegan sushi! This was from Whole Foods
in Tustin, made by Kikka Sushi. Also grabbed a delish cold brew made
with almond milk by Venice Cold Brew!

 In one of my rare cooking appearances that didn't involve pizza, I 
baked up this quiche following my own recipe - it is so incredibly 
easy to make and so satisfying!

 This mango licorice from Trader Joe's is the perfect sweet snack and I've been 
sneaking it into theaters to watch the summer horror flicks...shhhhhh)!

 Zpizza makes a mean Berkeley Vegan pie when it is too hot to cook!

I rarely pass up an opportunity to eat Sweet and Sara's treats! 

 Summer food! Grilled pineapple, Field Roast burgers w/ Chao cheese on a 
pretzel bun, and garlic fries!

 For 4th of July I carved a melon-o-lantern (Summerween!) and enjoyed this
berry pop-tart I got at Seabirds Kitchen. 

 My Independence Day spread - grilled corn on the cob, hot dogs, burgers,
potato chips and mixed berries!

Pizza topped with lots of kale, artichoke hears, black olives. It even came out
looking like a heart! 

 Finally tried this new-ish item from Trader Joe's - Kung Pao Tempura 
Cauliflower. I liked it!

 Mmmmmm donuts! I think these came from Donut Farm, which just opened 
a location in LA.

 Another donut, this one from Irvine's own Poquet Donuts! They have one
vegan option, their Samoa Donut - so tasty!

I tried Veggie Grill's new Koreatown and Thai tacos - and had to get some 
desserts, too, right?! Everything was soooooo good! I'm so sad they closed
the Veggie Grill that was close to me, though.

What vegan goodies have you been eating this summer?

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