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The 17th Door: Locked Up Haunted Experience

The 17th Door: Locked Up

Today we have a guest post from Justin Rekt, who attended The 17th Door: Locked Up Haunted Experience in Fullerton, California. This haunted attraction is an intense, extreme haunt featuring 17 horrific rooms groups of approximately eight people have to survive. Each year has a different theme, this year they have moved from Irvine to a location in Fullerton with a hellish prison theme. Read about Justin's experience below!

One of the undead inmates awaiting you at The 17th Door

Review by Justin Rekt

The creepy green light of The 17th Door beckons you, along with high chain link fences and the grating barb wire of the Perpetuum Penitentiary that create a wall of visceral violence. You stand like cattle, waiting for the inevitable… to be funneled room by room, until you’re a mess of mental, physical, and emotional chaos that your physical body falls to the floor, waiting to be ingested by the monsters seeking to escape the pain of their imprisonment.

When you are finally processed into the penitentiary, the dead escort you through the rooms, each one testing your limits of physical contact, mental strength, and emotional stability.

New inmates awaiting processing at The 17th Door

The 17th Door is an indoor haunted attraction located in Fullerton, California, where it has moved after two years in Irvine. A completely immersive, interactive, and intense maze comprised of 17 rooms which you venture through in small groups, and at times, utterly alone, scrambling and crawling through the dark.

Open to the general public, it is recommended for adults and teens 16 and over. Children under 13 require parent accompaniment while babies and toddlers are not allowed whatsoever. The experience runs throughout October, starts at 7PM, and entrants must sign a waiver. Yes, a waiver. And according to it, you may be touched, subjected to electrical shock, encounter insects, and even get wet, among countless other (un)pleasantries.

Pay attention to the warnings!

READ THE WAIVER! Don’t whine on social media because you gave your John Hancock, thumb print, and then screamed MERCY (yes, the experience even has a safe word if the enjoyment is too much too handle). All the warnings on the waiver are true and there is a 99% chance you will experience them, so don't take them lightly.

Two parts of 17th Door stood out, one being the virtual reality experience. It was haunting, disorienting, and a shockingly good time. That’s in addition to the gratification of being strapped into a chair. Second, the white room in the actual maze was a highlight. It’s a cozy environment, being lost in the fog. Plush walls welcome you as the comforting touch of monsters lull you into eternal slumber.

The 17th Door waiver - read carefully!

The 17th Door is a trial and will test all your senses, from the strong scents (yes, it smells horribly), to dizzying claustrophobia (you’ll get crammed into small spaces, like forced to walk through dense fabric walls), to man-handling by the monsters (yes, you will get touched), to extreme temperatures, loud sounds and yelling (yes, you will likely be yelled at) and strobe lighting. And is a perfect event for your in-laws who claim to love Halloween because they visit Disney’s Haunted Mansion every year. So buy yourself (and your in-laws) tickets, and undergo The 17th Door.

Regular tickets are $22 and the entire experience runs about 36 minutes in length. The virtual reality encounter, highly recommended, is an add on for $12. Due to demand, pricing increases as Halloween night approaches, so get your scares in early.

Find out more info and buy tickets on The 17th Door website!

Thanks to Justin Rekt for braving The 17th Door for this review - visit him on Instagram, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp!

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