Monday, November 5, 2018

Halloween Leftovers

Wow, Halloween season flew by this year! I think it was the best Halloween season yet, I did so many fun things! So many, in fact, that I wasn't able to share everything with you that I did in October - I still can't believe how much I was able to pack in this year. Now that we are a few days into November and those Halloween blues may be setting in, I wanted to take the opportunity to re-live some of the magic of October and share some of these fond remembrances of our favorite season.

I've done a Halloween leftovers post for several years running, and I really enjoy looking back at what I did this Halloween season - for me, it helps ease the Halloween blues and actually makes me excited for next Halloween (yes, I'm already scheming for next year!).

While Halloween is everyday, there is just something extra-special about October, a certain magic in the air that isn't present the other 11 months of the year. Here's hoping some of that magic carries you through to the next Halloween season (oh, and be sure to stick around here for doses of spooky goodness all year long!).

Take a look at my Halloween Leftovers below:

Love this shot - I carved both these pumpkins a few days before Halloween -
the heart-eyed one was of course inspired by the new Halloween movie!

 I did a giveaway with Vegan Power Co. and they sent me their adorable 
pins as a thank you! OBSESSED with the creepy vegan one, I told them
they should do a spooky vegan one next year!

Of course I binge-watched the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina when it came
out on Netflix! I very much enjoyed it!

I loved these spooky ghosties with succulent pumpkins (spotted at Ralph's
grocery store) - one of them went home with me!

I made it to Halloweentime at Disneyland with my sister! Best time of 
year there!

Tomb sweet tomb, The Haunted Mansion all dressed up for The Nightmare
Before Christmas

Cute decor at California Adventure's Car Land!

The Headless Horseman at California Adventure

I couldn't resist this vegan sourdough Dracula Mickey loaf  from Boudin
Bakery at California Adventure!

I picked up a few goodies from Disneyland and California Adventure - Oogie
Boogie popcorn bucket, Oogie Boogie plush, Poison Apple mug and 
popcorn bucket!

I finally made it to the Ghost Train in Griffith Park - we waited in line an
hour and a half and managed to get on one of the last trains of the night.
It was so cute and so worth it!! Will definitely buy tickets ahead
of time next year, though!

I loved these pumpkin dudes hanging out at the Ghost Train

Another first this Halloween - FINALLY made it to the LA Haunted Hayride!
It was so much fun and I love that they serve vegan food!! I want to do it 
again next year!

There was a maze at the LA Haunted Hayride called Trick or Treat that was 
incredibly fun! It featured a bunch of doors that you went up and knocked
on, then monsters popped out and gave you candy!! Like Lizzie here, she
was such a dear!

Here is another macabre monster at the LA Haunted Hayride in the Trick
or Treat maze.

LA Haunted Hayride giant pumpkins

Loved this creepy monster!! I love how LA Haunted Hayride features original
monsters like this and not your typical movie monsters.

I did a few swap boxes with friends and this is one I received! So much
ghoulishly good stuff!

I re-read one of my favorite Halloween books, Bradbury's The Halloween 
Tree, with my precious Havoc!

I got the limited edition lipsticks from Sugarpill, Trick (black with orange 
sparkles) and Treat (orange with cinnamon sparkles) and layered them together!
I love the colors combined and even used Treat on my eyelids and loved how
it looks! Both are vegan and cruelty-free

I saw the new Halloween movie and rocked this Tee No Evil Michael t-shirt
at the theater

I went to Salem's Market and picked up all these lovely goodies!

I got these amazing LuLaRoe vampire fang leggings from my friend
Angie - check out her Facebook page to score your own!

Love the Hocus Pocus Funko Pops!

I hosted a Halloween card swap and some people sent me extra goodies!
I was so surprised and absolutely delighted!

The best Halloween cookies are from Trader Joe's!

Halloween night vegan pizza, vegan treats, and Sam! 

Happy Halloween from Havoc!

Halloween morning pumpkin rolls!

I totally failed at a Halloween costume this year. I'm not big on costumes
anyway, but I usually do something for Halloween night. The best I could
do this year was throwing on some cat ears. Oops! I'll redeem myself
next year!

Hope those leftover photos sparked your spirit and helped you battle the Halloween blues!

Stay spooktacular, and remember, I've got so many more spooky goodies to share with you!

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