Saturday, August 2, 2014

Halloween 2014 at Michael's Craft Stores

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

I finally got around to checking out a Michael's store the other day for Halloween items, and I wasn't disappointed! Though not everything was out yet, I think they had about 80% of items out. I feel like this year either they are a little late in getting Halloween stuff out or I am late in checking out their Halloween stock, since I usually have a post like this up in mid- to late July.

Nevertheless, I was ecstatic to see 2014 Halloween items in a store! I usually get so excited when I see my first Halloween pieces of the year that I tend to go a little overboard...however, I tried to restrain myself this year. I walked away with a few items, but certainly didn't go as crazy as I usually go (though I have a feeling I will be back for more!).

Below you'll find some pics I took while wandering around Michael's Halloween section, as well as what I ended up purchasing (my first Halloween purchase of 2014!!).

I always love the skellies!

This little sculptures were creepy cute!

I need all these ornaments for my Halloween Christmas tree! 
From left to right they had witches on broomsticks, skulls, eyeballs, 
more witches, jack-o-lanterns and more eyeballs! 
I just wish they had some with bats (I'm batty about bats).

Endcap full of skull stuff they usually have. 
Candles, candle holders, lanterns, glass bottles, knick-knacks, etc.
Like everyone, I am intrigued by the circular skull lantern (the one 
with the white fabric shown above in the lower right square), though
I was disappointed it doesn't have a built-in LED light.

This was my favorite display filled elegantly eerie decor!

Clockwise from top left: boo-tiful glass dishes featuring a bat 
that says "Trick or Treat", a spider that says "31 Oct", 
glass bottles, small ceramic containers decorated with spiders, 
witches, skulls, etc., and serving trays with crows, bats, etc. 

 One of my favorite items this year: glass mason jar cups, complete 
with straws and handles! They had a bunch of different kinds, 
including those pictured (from top to bottom): "Trick or Treat" 
with black and orange stripes, jack-o-lanterns (a happy one on one side 
and a scary one on the other), and a bunch of Halloween phrases 
on the one on the bottom. They also had ones that said "Witches
 Brew" and "Toxic Tonic" on old-timey labels as well as
 a skull and crossbones one (not pictured).

Lottsa faux book knick-knacks, cutesy Halloween 
countdown witches and skeletons, and frightful frames 
with creepy changing faces. 

Here are my first Halloween purchases of 2014! The jack-o-lantern
and "Trick or Treat" mason jars, small ceramic container (perfect
for storing my earrings in), some Halloween ribbon (black cats 
and pumpkins) and two glass dishes (they are perfect for a bar
of soap)!

Michael's didn't have everything out yet, so I will definitely be back in a week or two to see what else they've put out. They also had their Lemax stuff out, but unfortunately I didn't get any pics of their display. 

I think this year's items are much better than previous years, but there are still repeats of past years' Halloween stuff. I really love the mason jars and the small glass dishes. I love when they have functional home items I can use year-round! 

What do you think of Michael's Halloween selection this year? Has your Michael's started putting Halloween stuff out yet?


  1. I stopped at mine a couple days ago - They still had an empty aisle, so I read the stickers. Those ornaments must be the tube of balls (raised eyebrows) I saw. And no skeletons yet. They had 4 different nutcrackers - a witch, skeleton, Frankenstein & vampire - I got the witch, but am pretty sure I need Frank, too.

  2. We have four stores in my area and I've been to 2. One has half an aisle and their Lemax and kiddie craft things. The other seems to have everything (?) but it looks as though it's already been ransacked! I mostly got "supplies"-- ribbon and hands (cause the Dollar Tree is holding out!). I did pick up the Trick or Treat dish and one of the black skull bottles. May get the orange too and I just saw the little porcelain box yesterday. Don't know why I didn't get it! Little details items like that have impressed me this year, but honestly it doesn't take much. Not when it concerns Halloween! ;)