Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Fifth Annual Spook Show Halloween Festival

This past Saturday Halloween Club in La Mirada, California hosted their fifth annual Spook Show Halloween Festival, a celebration for fiends who celebrate Halloween everyday! I look forward to this event every year, since it is like having Halloween in March! This was my third time attending this event (you can check out recaps from past years HERE and HERE!), and every year I've been it keeps getting bigger and better! If you haven't heard of Spook Show, it is a fun outdoor event that brings together a wide variety of vendors selling Halloween and horror merch, as well as booths from upcoming Halloween and haunted events, plus food trucks, a hearse show, and live entertainment! It is put on by the Halloween Club (which is where the event is located), a huge Halloween warehouse that is open year-round (and has huge sales for this event). Read more about Spook Show and check out more photos below!

Spook Show entrance

Another awesome aspect to the event is that it is free! All you need to do is reserve your entrance tickets in advance which you can do online. This year they streamlined check-in by offering a pre-check in online before the event. This made it so fast to get into the event and I really have to give them props for making the process much, much easier and faster.

Halloween Club

I also really appreciated that the organizers shared maps of what parking options would be available to attendees. This year they had a small dirt lot where parking was offered, as well as certain side streets and parking lots that were designated for Spook Show parking. This made the whole parking situation much less stressful! I arrived a half hour before the event opened, and though the dirt lot and one of the side streets was already full, I was able to find parking in a designated Spook Show lot pretty close to the event!

The crowds and rows of vendors as you enter the event

This year it was pretty hot, but despite the heat Halloween fans turned out in force! A few people even dressed up in costumes, and everyone seemed happy to be there. It was cool to mingle with so many like-minded fiends! And the good news was that this year there was even more room for people to wander, as there was a whole other row of vendors. I loved seeing and supporting lots of new Halloween and horror-themed businesses.

Besides the vendors, there was a great group of food trucks! I was ecstatic to see Southern Fried Vegan back! Yay for spooky vegan food! They also had more tables set up for people to enjoy the food right in front of the stage.

Hearse show

It was a little hot, so I didn't end up staying as long as I would have liked, but nevertheless Spook Show was a lot of fun this year and I highly encourage you to attend next year and celebrate Halloween in March (though we all know that Halloween is everyday!).

You can check out more pics from the event below (thanks to Mister Spooky for some of the photography):

Fabulous Frights gothic home decor

Fiendish Thingies - art by Owen Klaas

 Larry Bones from Bone Yard FX at the Midsummer Scream booth

And here are the eerie items that followed me to my haunted home: 

 Trick or Treat hoodie from Mystic Museum
Strange and Unusual hoodie from Creepy Cousins
"Be My Halloween" original artwork from The Art of Sketch
"Stay Spooky" brooch and Hocus Pocus necklace from Madame Whiskers

"Be My Halloween" original artwork from The Art of Sketch
"Stay Spooky" brooch and Hocus Pocus necklace from Madame Whiskers

I can't wait for next year's event!

For more info, visit the Halloween Club's Spook Show website!

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