Thursday, April 16, 2015

The 3rd Annual Spook Show at the Halloween Club

Last month I attended the Halloween Club's 3rd Annual Spook Show in La Mirada, California. This was my first time attending this event, which brings together Halloween enthusiasts and Halloween/horror/gothic vendors, plus, a huge discount on merchandise from the Halloween Club (I believe they were offering 40% off). The vendors are all set up in the parking lot of the Halloween Club, and offer diverse wares such as art, jewelry, horror merchandise, purses, hair accessories, masks, toys, Halloween decor and props, gothic furniture, t-shirts, taxidermy, and much, much more! There are booths for those representing local haunts, attractions and conventions, people dressed in elaborate costumes, food trucks, a stage with music acts and host, and more fantastical fun! Plus, it is free to attend!

Silly/sinister pumpkins greet guests!

I was very excited for this event, and Mister Spooky and I got there a little after it opened, around noon, on a sweltering Saturday. We got one of the last spots in a dusty field they used as a parking lot, and then stood in a looooong line, which was weird since it was a free event, so why the line? Turns out it was to fill out raffle forms (i.e. an easy way for them to collect your contact info so they can add you to their mailing lists), so when we finally were handed some VIP badges (everyone got these, so they were just kinda a pass to get in, I guess) we skipped all the raffle/photo nonsense and walked in to the actual event. I wish they would just let people in without having us wait in line to sign up for the raffle, because we got awfully hot and annoyed standing on asphalt in full sun in 90 degree weather Other people in line were pretty peeved, too, so it wasn't just us...just saying, it's something you should think about Halloween Club.

Gorgeous jewelry by Melissa Korda

Luckily, once we finally got in and I saw all the goodies they had my annoyance melted away. They had all kinds of neat stuff from all kinds of vendors. While Mister Spooky grabbed us some drinks (there were a few food trucks there, though of course nothing vegan), I took a looksie at some beautiful handmade jewelry and made my first purchases of the day - I got a beautiful black cat necklace and a bat necklace from the lovely Melissa Korda! I wanted all of her jewelry and she was such a sweetie!

This was probably my favorite booth! So many goodies!

We trick or treated through the rows, stopping at any interesting-looking shops. I loved a Halloween booth run by a pleasant lady - she had so much stuff to look at and for cheap! I bought a little vintage-looking black cat candle from her for $2. It felt like a Halloween-themed garage sale and I loved all the treasures in her booth! I just wish I would have purchased more from her!

Bearded Lady Vintage booth manned by these fine young gentlemen!

We also got to see Bearded Lady Vintage, who has an adorably eerie storefront in Burbank! We had just visited them a week or two prior, so it was nice to see them again! They had lots of cool specimens, taxidermy, curios and artwork for sale!

There were even some places selling gothic furniture, like this adorable coffin-shaped bookcase along with other home decor for those that prefer the dark side! And of course, there were lots of masks, props, and monsters for sale! Check out a few in the photos below:

Macabre masks galore! 

Haunt props just hanging around!

 This is what my nightmares look like! Eeeeeeek!

They're coming for you, Barbara!

They even had a small hearse show out in the parking lot that we meandered through on our way out. We probably stayed at the show for about an hour to an hour and a half - we pretty much saw everything twice, but we didn't go into the Halloween Club itself (it was far too packed!). We would have probably stayed longer if it hadn't been so hot (of course not the organizers fault, but I do not do well in heat at all). 

 It's your funeral, buddy.

The Great Pumpkin is here!

Despite the annoyances at the beginning of the show (parking, getting in), I gotta say I had a pretty good time. I was sooooo happy to be able to have a Halloween celebration of sorts in March and to see so much cool stuff! I discovered some awesome vendors and artists, and purchased some very cool pieces. Here are some of the goodies I got, all for less than $60 I'd say:

Cemetery framed photographs by Grave Visions, prints and small "Scrabble" necklace by Lupe Flores, coffin keychain by Black Willow Gallery, vintage cat candle by an unknown vendor (the one with all the cool stuff!!), and necklaces by Melissa Korda.

Close up of the necklaces by Melissa Korda (the black cat and bat necklaces), 
Lupe Flore's Betty necklace (painted on a Scrabble piece), and wooden coffin 
keychain by Black Willow Gallery. 

All in all, I would go again, but would make sure I got there earlier to get better parking and head straight for the entrance rather than wasting time in a raffle line. I definitely love supporting local artists and other local independent businesses that vend at this function, and of course LOVE celebrating Halloween in the springtime! Did you go, and if so, what goodies did you find?

For more info, visit the Spook Show's website!

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