Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch 2018

One of my Halloween traditions is to visit my local pumpkin patch at Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California. I love attending events at Tanaka Farms, which is a real working farm and so fun to visit. Their pumpkin patch is a real one, where pumpkins are actually grown and you can wander down the rows of pumpkins, visit a corn maze, and even pick your own fruits and veggies on the farm! They also have wagon rides and games. The pumpkin patch is absolutely gourd-geous - they have everything from itty bitty pumpkins to huge giants.

Like last year (check out my visit from last year), Tanaka Farms has officially licensed Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters to host their pumpkin patch. Photo ops abound with character cut-outs and it is certainly fun to see the cutesy Sanrio characters throughout the farm. There are also hay bales, scarecrows, a sunflower maze, their famous pile of pumpkins, and so many other amazing treats in store at Tanaka Farms.

Check out my photos from this year's visit below:

 I love their adorable signage!

 Pumpkin patch selfies are the very best selfies!

The day I went started as cloudy, but it soon burned off to reveal some 
blue skies, peeking through in this shot.

 The famous pile of pumpkins!

 I love scarecrows, even when they are cute like this one instead of spooky

 Orange pumpkins and blue skies - is there anything more perfect?!

 Tanaka Farms has been infested by the cuteness of Sanrio characters!

 This gorgeous sunflower maze is new this year! It was so pretty!

 Ok, this creepy scarecrow is more like it!! 

 Pumpkin friends!

 I mean, I just want to live in this gourd-geousness 24/7!

 They won't be running out of pumpkins anytime soon!

 They also have a little gift shop full of smaller pumpkins, gourds, 
Halloween decor, local food items, and more!

 Cute Halloween signs

 Ahhhh look at all this adoraBOOle stuff!!

 These exclusive and limited edition Tanaka Farms' Hello Kitties are adorbs!

Tanaka Farms' Sanrio t-shirts!

The Tanaka Farms' Pumpkin Patch is open every day 9 AM to 6 PM. If you plan on attending on a weekend, you need to purchase a parking pass ($5) for an allotted time online or else you won't be allowed onto the farm. Entrance to the pumpkin patch is $4, and games, wagon rides, etc. are extra. Warning: they unfortunately have a petting zoo, so if you'd rather avoid places with those then you might want to consider skipping Tanaka Farms. 

For more info, visit the Tanaka Farms' website and for any updates (including weather closures) follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet this month? 

Stay spooky, my pumpkins!


  1. This is apparently the last year they've licensed Sanrio characters too, so if you're like me and you want to collect their seasonal goodies you might want to go stock up!

  2. The scenery around the farm is gorgeous! Sometimes we go to a pumpkin patch in the North Georgia Mountains. I have a weakness for pumpkin rolls. The pumpkin patch makes deep fried pumpkin rolls! The place is also right by some good hiking, so it's fun to make a whole day of it. Do you have any good vegan pumpkin roll recipes?