Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sanrio Pumpkin Patch at Tanaka Farms

Hanging out at the pumpkin patch with my spooky Sanrio friends!

At the beginning of October, I did one of my favorite things - visit my local pumpkin patch! I have been going to Tanaka Farms for years and enjoying their pumpkin patch is one of my Halloween traditions. This year, they teamed up with Sanrio to bring some Hello Kitty cuteness to their patch! I usually go opening weekend, but this Sanrio collaboration proved to be so popular that we decided to go in the middle of the week instead and it was much less crowded.

Hello Kitty welcomes you to Tanaka Farms

This was probably the Halloweeniest I've felt all season - this month has really been a struggle for me, spookies, and I just can't seem to capture that magical feeling of fall this year. However, the weather was actually fall-like when I went, and not in the 80s or 90s like it has been the rest of the month. And pumpkin patches in general make me sooooo happy, so I just wanted to camp out forever in the middle of the patch!

It was fun, and cute with so many Sanrio character photo ops! Check out some pics of my visit below:

 Tanaka Farms entrance

 Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch entrance fee is $3, extra if you want to do
the wagon ride and other activities

 So many adorable photo ops!

My new scarecrow friend! Do you like my jack-o-lantern purse? It's from
lovepainandstitches shop on Etsy!

 I like big pumpkins and I cannot lie...

 If I got to live in a pumpkin patch I'd be as happy as this scarecrow - look at 
that smile!

AKA this way to happiness!

I love sunflowers in pumpkin patches!

Pumpkin patches make me happy (I don't have to smile to be happy!)

Pumpkin pile!

Always making friends with scarecrows

Sanrio swag!

You can still visit the Sanrio Pumpkin Patch at Tanaka Farms until October 31st, but if you are planning on visiting on the weekends then you will need to go to their site and get a parking pass - this is due to the overwhelming popularity of the event (seriously, traffic has been backing up for miles on the weekends!). Or, try to visit on a weekday if possible, like we did, though it does get crowded the closer it gets to Halloween.

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch this season? If so, tell me about it below!

Stay spooky!

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