Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch

I love pumpkin patches! They are probably one of my favorite places in the world! So when the opening of Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch coincided with the arrival of autumn, I couldn't resist checking it out! Irvine Park Railroad is located in the foothills of North Tustin/Orange in Irvine Regional Park. It's only about 20 or so minutes from my house, but I had never made the trek out there.

The pumpkin patch was a little more kid-oriented than I would have liked, but it was still fun! It had a small (but adorable) train that goes around the park, a hay maze, carnival games, a few kid rides and activities, hay rides and even a pint-sized haunted house (that was pretty awesomely decorated and free)! Most of the rides and activities cost money (plus it was $5 to enter the park), but I was content just walking around and going in the little (free!) haunted house. I was ecstatic to see all the pretty pumpkins carted in and arranged for picking, too!

Here are some pics from the first day of fall at the pumpkin patch:

You can tell I am sooooo happy in this picture!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC Travelogue (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared part one of my trip to New York City, and below you will find the continuation of my travelogue!

We left off after I had eaten myself silly through Manhattan and Brooklyn, strolled through Central Park and attended the goth/industrial Triton Festival...

Monday, September 23, 2013

NYC Travelogue (Part 1)

Hello Foolish Mortals,

I apologize for my absence…I am usually chock full of updates this time of year (the most wonderful time of the year!), but I recently got back from vacation and then got overwhelmed with work, etc. upon my return. I wish I could be permanently on vacation (doesn't everybody?)!

Since I can’t be forever on vacation, I wanted to share with you my vacation to New York City I took earlier this month! Mister Spooky and I jetted off to NYC for Triton Festival, a goth/industrial music festival held every year there. We've always wanted to go, and this year we decided to do it! Below you'll find my travelogue of the trip, though I want to share so much that I'll be breaking it down into several posts over the next few days.

Our vacation began with a red eye flight on Wednesday night that got us to New York in the early morning on Thursday. Our friend that lives there was gracious enough to meet us and show us the ways of the subway back to his place on Wall Street, where we stowed our luggage and went off to explore! The streets of Wall Street were eerily empty and hauntingly beautiful just as the sun was rising. Then we hopped the subway and ended up in the East Village near Sustainable NYC, so I took a look around at this adorable eco-shop and grabbed a vegan muffin to go!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween 2013 Items at Target

My local Target finally started stocking their shelves with Halloween items! I popped in earlier this week and found the candy aisle completely stocked, pet costumes out, some decorations up and lots of Halloween-themed food available! They also had a few Halloween-themed t-shirts out as well!

I find that Target drags its feet on putting out all its Halloween decor...sigh! This year is no different and they are really dragging out stocking their Halloween shelves. Still, the stuff they do have out looks promising!

Check out a few photos I took of what I found:

 Love the ghosty!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Night Gallery Halloween Display at Roger's Gardens

Boils and Ghouls, if you've been reading this blog the past few years, you know how much I love visiting Roger's Gardens over Labor Day weekend, since this is the weekend they unveil their elaborate Halloween displays! A visit to Roger's Gardens is an annual tradition in the Spooky house and really kicks off Halloween season for me.

This past Labor Day weekend was no different, and I headed over to the Corona Del Mar plant nursery to see their transformation to the "Night Gallery", which was their theme this year. Here is the description from the website:

"Wander down the central corridor of our Night Gallery, accompanied by chilling spirits, gawking at one-of-a-kind wonders from a collection of Halloween artists. Every corner, nook, and cranny of our four eerie art installations titled Cabinet of Curiosities, Mad Inventor’s Workshop, Day of the Dead, and Witching Hour overflow with creepy treasures to delight the most devoted of Halloween’s faithful."

Check out some photos I took of Roger's Gardens' "Night Gallery" below!

 They have a lovely selection of beautiful pumpkins, too!

Welcome to the Night Gallery

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