Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Food Review: Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread Mixes

My baked Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread Mix in Classic Sourdough

Written by Sarah E. Jahier

I was recently sent some samples of Luce's Gluten-Free Artisan Bread Mixes in Classic Sourdough and New Italian flavors. Though I am not gluten-free, I was still interested in trying these mixes since they are vegan and I love homemade bread but don't like all the work that goes along with making it from scratch, though I grew up in an Italian family where breadmaking was the norm (but I guess didn't catch with me)! When I received the cute little packets of bread mix, I was pretty ecstatic to see "just add water" on them! How much easier can you get? And let's face it, I am such a lazy vegan that if I can make homemade bread by just adding water to a mix, I'm totally gonna do it (sorry mom and dad!)!

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