Friday, August 13, 2010

New Halloween Costumes for 2010 from Spirit Halloween!

The awesome Freddy in Space recently posted about Spirit Halloween's new 2010 costumes, which are now available for pre-order on their site! At the end of the month we'll be able to peruse the costumes in person at one of the many Spirit Halloween stores, but for now we'll all have to be patient and check out the costumes online.

I just love looking at costumes (and no doubt you do too!) so I had a grand old time looking through Spirit's site. Just like Freddy in Space's post linked above, I've picked out some costumes that caught my eye (good, bad or just awful) and posted them below. Sorry boys, but I've only included woman's costumes! There were just too many cute/hideous ones for me to pass up.


Love her or hate her (I'm surprisingly on the "love" side), 
you cannot deny her influence....and now she has her very 
own Halloween costume! There are several different styles too!

This costume looks a little cheap and flimsy in my opinion....
could probably be home-made quite easily and would look better.

Lilah from Jonah Hex
Ok, so the movie was a disaster, but this
costume is smokin' hot! 

 Skeleton Bride
Pretty cool, I'm digging this one!

 Another Skeleton Bride
Wish they had these costumes when we
had our Dia de Los Muertos Halloween
Party a few years ago!

Voodoo Vixen
Diggin' the concept of this costume

Miss Leatherface 
(I prefer "Lady Leatherface", but whatevs)
Very cool...despite how simple it is, I like it!

Sexy Chucky
Sue me, but I think this is cute! 

  Spider Witch

 Nurse Mercy
Finally, something remotely "scary" as opposed to "sexy"

 Avatar Neytiri
C'mon, you knew this was coming right??
I wasn't sure if I should stick this under the WTF category or not...

Fairy Tale Costumes
Our Halloween party's theme this year is "Unhappily Ever After", 
so these costumes are perfect:

Tim Burton's Alice

Captain Hook




Poisoned Princess
(A gothy Snow White)

Mesmerizing Mermaid

Sexy Evil Queen

Queen of Hearts


Maid Marion

WTF Costumes
I don't know WHAT they were thinking with these:

Naughty Nem-Oh
Seriously?! Ugh, no...just, NO!!

 Fraggle Rock Mokey
This scares the SH*T outta me!

Jersey Shore Snooki
This scares me even more!!

 Dart Board

 Plastic Surgery
Cool in concept, atrocious in execution

Peanuts Sally
(Other characters also available)
Someone's getting a rock for this costume! 

WTF IS this?! And who would buy it? 
Who would actually pay to be a walking advertisement?
The worst is that they have this costume in multiple candies. 
Again, WHY?? WHY??

Visit Spirit Halloween's Website for more!


  1. Hahaha. Wow....hmm,that Chucky strangely sexy. I never thought I'd say that in my life. I feel so strange now.

  2. Help! I think I need therapy. What is up with some of those costumes!?!?! Hum, I think I need to give the door person at our party a list of costumes "not to let in" no matter if they are on the guest list or not :D

    It is going to be a long list....thanks for helping make our party a safer place :D

    Cool, post, loved your comments....that is why I love visiting. :)


  3. Hey, cool blog! My wife is vegetarian, but does not quite understand my fondness of Halloween, scary story and horror movies, so I will now eagerly visit this blog with her.

  4. Hahaha...the Chucky one IS sexy...which is odd, but just go with it!

    Yes, some of the costumes are just WRONG!!

    Thanks for the comments, guys, and a warm welcome to Guillaume!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  5. Nothing for guys, just hot chicks. :-(


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