Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Birthday Massacre's "Imaginary Monsters" EP Out Today!

One of my favorite bands, The Birthday Massacre, released their new EP, Imaginary Monsters, today!

Check out what Metropolis had to say about the release:

Following up on the success of the most recent album Pins And Needles, The Birthday Massacre returns with Imaginary Monsters, a new EP consisting of three all new songs and five remixes. The three new songs, “Forever”, “Burn Away”, and “Left Behind” find the band at its creative apex. Dark, personal, and atmospheric, The Birthday Massacre builds on its compelling blend of gothic, rock and electronic music into a sound that is all their own. To give the fans another perspective on the aforementioned sound, The Birthday Massacre has had five colleagues offer their unique perspectives on tracks from Pins And Needles. SKOLD, Combichrist, tweaker, Assemblage 23, and Kevvy Mental and Dave Ogilvie add their own spin to TBM’s distinctive style. As a bonus, the EP also features the video for "In The Dark"!

Track List:
01. Forever
02. Burn Away
03. Left Behind
04. Pale [Kevvy Mental and Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn' Mix]
05. Control [tweaker Mix]
06. Shallow Grave [Combichrist 'Good For Her' Mix]
07. Pins And Needles [SKOLD Mix]
08. Shallow Grave [Assemblage 23 Mix]

I like what I've heard so far and can't wait to give this EP a proper listen! The Birthday Massacre has never let me down before (though it's taken a while for some of their newer albums to grow on me), so I am confident I will like the new songs here. From what I've heard, my favorite remix is A23's "Shallow Grave" (of course that's no surprise considering Tom Shear's talent).

Check out more on The Birthday Massacre and buy the album on Metropolis!

For something a bit extra and super-cool, check out each band member's top 10 horror films on Bloody-Disgusting.com!

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