Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beauty Review: Lush's Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze

I have been using Lush’s Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze since this past January, when I received it as a gift for my birthday. Here is the product description from the Lush website:

“If your hair is a little fluffy, frizzy, dry, or out-of-control, Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze is made for you. Our specialty hair treatment, it's packed with copious amounts of moisturizing and nutrient-filled oils including organic jojoba, almond, Brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It works brilliantly on curly hair as well, as all of the oils help define the curls and add loads of shine. And if that doesn't stop passerby’s from stopping in their tracks, the jasmine fragrance will stick with you for days after using it, so you'll have irresistibly soft, shiny and sexy smelling locks.”

My hair is fluffy, frizzy, dry and out-of-control when left to its own devises, so I definitely was excited to try this treatment. I generally try to use it at least once a week on my hair before shampooing…usually on the weekends since I can leave it in longer. The consistency of the product is a bit runny, but I scoop out a bunch and slather it all on my hair, from roots to tips (it is a little messy, but I don’t mind). I have really thick hair, so this takes about 10 minutes to completely coat it all. Then, I put my hair up and leave it on for 30 minutes or, if I need extra deep conditioning, a few hours.  Then I hop in the shower and shampoo and condition my hair as normal.

Once out of the shower I notice my hair has a softer feel and smells of yummy jasmine (yup, the smell lasts even after shampooing and conditioning!).  My hair is easier to manage and style after using Lush’s product.  Even if I don’t style it I find that it is less frizzy and fluffy.

When I do straighten my hair, I notice that my hair is sleeker, smoother and shinier. Also, I notice the henna really brings out the red in my hair (I have red hair, but this treatment helps punch up the color). A word of warning…this product will naturally bring out the red in your hair because of the henna, so if you don’t want a red tint then steer clear! Also, if you use heated tools on your hair like a straightening iron, the henna will stink while you are applying heat to your hair. It does go back to smelling like jasmine after, though it doesn't last as long as if you hadn't applied heat to your hair!

I really liked this product and the only real downside is that I use it up so fast! One container lasts me about a month if I use the treatment just once a week (I use about ¼ of the product each time). I think maybe if the consistency of the treatment was a bit thicker and not so runny it would last longer, too. However, Lush actually recommends using ¼ of the container for short hair and the whole container for long hair in one sitting, so I guess that is how they designed it to last.

Overall, I really do love this product and will continue using it as a deep conditioner for my normally coarse and unruly locks or when I need an extra boost of red tint to my hair.


  1. You might want to think twice about purchasing this. It has parabens in it....not good for you :( They are known to be cancer causing agents.

    1. Lush only puts the paraben on their label because they are being transparent, by industry standard, everything in the store is paraben free.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this treatment but yes, it does not last very long...what I do (as suggested by a LUSH worker) is mix it 1:1 with organic coconut oil--I use trader joes. Then I coat my hair with the mixture, wrap it up in plastic wrap and chill for a few hours (or overnight!). The results are fabulous! (Possibly even better than the LUSH alone! AND you still get that amazing jasmine linger for several days :)


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