Friday, August 16, 2013

Halloween 2013 Finds at HomeGoods

I stopped into my local HomeGoods store earlier this week and was thrilled to find some of their shelves stocked with Halloween items! At first, I was a little disappointed as they only had ONE aisle devoted to Halloween items, but my gloom turned to joy as soon as I realized how many Halloween goodies awaited me! I spent at least an hour browsing their offerings, and I think this is only the start of their Halloween stock. I plan on checking back in a few weeks to see if they add any extra items, but for now check out some photos I took while I was there:

The aisle was brimming with Halloween items!

 Here is the other side of the aisle...So many goodies!

 I was disappointed they didn't have many plates, cups, etc. 
besides this pumpkin set, which is cute but totally not my style.

 Delightfully devilish decor (I snagged the Trick or Treat
 sign right away!).

 More morbidly marvelous decor!

 A cool headless horseman statue.

 They had so many beautiful snow you can see 
a witch, a black cat on a pumpkin, a haunted house, a waltzing
skeleton couple, a skull and a graveyard.

 Gruesomely grinning ghouls.

 I always stock up on dish towels this time of year...and 
they had a huuuuuge selection this year!

 More snow globes and a pretty high quality "holographic" print 
(not sure what you call it - those ones that change as you view it
 from different angles) in a beautiful, heavy frame.

 Can't get more fall-like than pumpkins and owls!

 More random gruesome goodness...brews, potions and spells
decoration, vintage black cat pail and smiley jack-o-lantern
man, pumpkins and owls, happy Halloween sign.

 Spider Happy Halloween sign, cute lil' jack-o-lantern
man, vintage-looking cat snow globe (it had a music box 
that played "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead").

Some creepy cute dolls!

This is what I ended up buying: vintage-looking Halloween 
blocks, some plug-in jack-o-lanterns, Trick or Treat sign 
(I love the vintage look!), and two sets of dish towels.


  1. How big is the headless horseman?? That's what I realllly want!

    I hope mine has as much stuff. I went to one by the girl's dance studio last week & they didn't have much out yet. Lots of bare shelf space, tho.

    1. It was a pretty good size, Lisa. I'd say at least a foot tall...would work great as a bookend! Now I'm wishing I would have bought it, ha!!

  2. Thanks for this post! Am heading to my local HG tomorrow to stock up for our first Halloween party :)

  3. Oh, I'm so envious! We will get some Halloween goodies on the shelves in Australia, but it won't be until October, and it definitely won't be that much stuff, or that awesome!

  4. the nearest HG is 30 minutes away. I am hoping to make it there soon to check stuff out!

  5. Wow! They're really stocked up! I like that headless horseman statue and the vintage inspired cat bucket. Looks like it's time to visit Homegoods! :)

  6. Oh yes, I think I will be on the hunt for a Horseman!

  7. "holographic" print (not sure what you call it - those ones that change as you view it from different angles"


    I am such a geek to know this stuff...


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