Sunday, August 2, 2015

Halloween 2015 at Michael's

Just hanging around Michael's!

I visited Michael's a few weeks ago when their Halloween section was just bare bones (see pics here), but yesterday I headed back to find that they had about 90% of all their Halloween goodies out! Woo hoo! The only things they didn't seem to have stocked yet were their Halloween scrapbooking items and their autumn-scented candles and accessories. I'll have to go back again for those!

Here are pics of Michael's 2015 Halloween offerings:

 Lemax's Spooky Town village! Wish I had enough room in my house to display
this stuff, because I love their miniatures!

The bug candle holder on the left would look great filled with green 
moss and a LED candle.

 A candle votive holder and/or shot glass, depending on how you want to use it!

 Love seeing the aisles brimming with Halloween radness!

Severed limbs, chains, spider webs, cauldrons, tombstones, skeletons = JOY!

 Awesome ceramic skulls, Frankenstein's monsters, and
 jack-o-lanterns you can paint!

 Lottsa skulls, including ones of gold and ones with ravens, some bewitching
 bottles, and snow globes

 Always love these types of masks! I've never seen the witch one before, either!

 Everything on these shelves was sparkly...ick. But loving the Halloween colors!

Raven on Pumpkin! That would be the name of my pub if I ever opened one!

More eerie items!

 This wooden "Fall in Love" sign was too cute!

 I'm usually not too into autumn decor, but these "Home Sweet Home" and
"Give Thanks" signs are adorable!

 Halloween ribbon! Can never get enough of this stuff!

 This year, they have black coffin boxes! Lots of other fun coffin items, too, like
coffin-shaped chalkboards and coffin shadow boxes.

 They also brought back these glass dishes they had last year.

 Isn't the "Something Wicked This Way Comes" sign neat?!

More spooktacular bottles! The labels on these are so cool.

 And thanks to a 40% off my total purchase coupon, I picked up these items - 
a mini pumpkin crate, a countdown to Halloween sign, ribbon, some painted
wood signs, and a coffin shadow box that I'll probably use as a serving tray.

What are your favorite Halloween items you've found at Michael's this year?


  1. Sooo jealous! The bummer about living overseas!

  2. i have not seen the beetle glasses! i need those now!

    i have bought a coffin shadow box, a mini coffin, some dia de los muertos stickers, some wooden signs and mini coffins (from the display sets - but i too do not have room or are they cat friendly). so much stuff i want - each time i go in - i want more!

  3. I love the witch and skeleton carnival masks. We made some for our movie in the shape of blackbird beaks.

  4. Yay! My husband and I are going to check it out next week. Need to remember to print coupons.

  5. I need to go back! The Fall In Love sign is too perfect! I was there a week or so ago and roamed thru the Halloween goodies, but was on a quest for graduation party centerpieces. I don't think they had everything out then.

  6. Thanks for the photo spread -- I have to really make an effort to get to my local Michaels, and now I must go if just to get those fantastic Opera Masks! Yeah, man!


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