Tuesday, June 20, 2017

5 Spooky Haunts in Orange County, California - Guest Post on Spooky Little Halloween

Spooky Little Halloween is one of my favorite Halloween blogs, so I was very excited when I was invited to write a guest post for SLH's summertime #TravelTuesday feature. I decided to stick close to home and write about five spooky haunts in Orange County, featuring historic and haunted cemeteries, a mission home to several ghosts, a creepy canyon, and the "happiest place on earth" where many choose to spend eternity.

Here's a little taste from my article:
Fear lurks in the most unlikely places, even under the perpetual sunshine and suburban sprawl of Orange County, California. If you’re not familiar with Orange County, it is located right between Los Angeles and San Diego, with its most note-worthy attractions being Disneyland, its popular beaches, and as the namesake and setting of the TV show “The O.C.”. 
To many, Orange County is viewed as just a sprawling suburbia populated by McMansions and strip malls, but if you scratch its polished veneer you might uncover a dark history that has left its mark and places where locals still fear to tread.
You can check out the rest of my guest post on Spooky Little Halloween!

Until next time, stay spooky!

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