Monday, August 21, 2017

Halloween 2017 Tees at Target

Halloween tees at Target!

I took a bit of a vacation last week to visit my family up in the remote redwood forests of Northern California, which is why I haven't posted in a week. As soon as I got back, though, the Halloween hunt was on and I was back in stores scoping out Halloween goodies! My first stop was Target - I was really hoping their Dollar Spot section would have Halloweenie items, but no such luck at my local Target, as that section was still filled with back-to-school junk.

However, I did find a few Halloweenie t-shirts and clothing items in the women's and girl's sections of Target! Many are repeats of last year (or maybe leftover stock they are trying to get rid of?), but there are a few NEW creepy-cute items. I was really digging the little kids' clothes - I wish those designs came in adult sizes! 

Check out what Halloween tees and more Target had in stock:

The following tees and tanks were in the women's section of Target: 

This jack-o-lantern baseball tee was back from previous years

 This "Pumpkin Spice Everything" tank is new; they had a similar one last
year that read "You Had Me at Pumpkin Spice"

This "Witch and Famous" tee is new and adorable!

 "Here for the Booos" is back - I think this is a slight re-design from last year

 Winking jack-o-lantern has returned

 Cute glow-in-the-dark skele-Mickey tee

 This new "Trick of Treat Yoself" tank stole my Halloween heart, and I couldn't 
resist buying it!

 "I Want All the Candy" - I think this tee is new, but then again I usually ignore
white clothes in favor of all things black, so I'm not sure

And now for the kids' clothing, which is sooooo adorable. I wish I could fit into some of these pieces:

 Halloween leggings - the pattern is just so darn cute! See close-up below

 Close-up of the pattern on the kids' Halloween leggings - I want to wallpaper
my room with this pattern!

 Monster long-sleeved tee in the kids' section

Hello Kitty glow-in-the-dark tee in the kids' section 

 Spiderweb dress/shirt in the kids' section

 This Peanuts' "Squad Ghouls" baseball tee was my fave from all the things
in the kids' section - I was really trying to figure out a way I could
squeeze into it! Maybe if I had it altered...

UPDATE: I visited Target again and they had a few more tees out, plus more clothes for kids:

"Cheers Witches" long-sleeved women's tee

 Really cool long-sleeved skeleton women's shirt!

Again, I wish I could squeeze into these little kid clothes! They have monster
(or dinosaur) hoodies, cat hoodies, bat-cat tee, green slime long-sleeved shirt, 
and three boo-tiful t-shirts!

Have you spotted any Halloween items at Target yet? 

What Halloween tee would you want from the ones above?

Stay spooky!


  1. I'm now sitting here wondering how many of those kids leggings I'd need to buy to Frankenstein together a pair for myself. Hmm...


  2. Kids get all the best clothing! I like the Witch and Famous one though!


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