Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Enchantment Box - Hocus Pocus Edition

The Hocus Pocus edition of The Enchantment Box

The Enchantment Box is a new monthly subscription service that sends you a magical themed box full of goodies like cruelty-free makeup, vegan snacks, delightful decor, gorgeous jewelry, fun paper crafts, beautiful bath and beauty products, and other charming treats! Plus, all boxes are completely cruelty-free and vegan, yay! They contacted me recently to see if I would be interested in reviewing their October 2017 box, whose theme was Hocus Pocus. I really had to contain myself (because OF COURSE I WAS INTERESTED), as I was so excited about this box since Hocus Pocus is one of the best movies ever and one of my personal favorite Halloween movies!

I checked out some of their past boxes, whose themes included Marie Antoinette, Mystical Mermaid, and Secret Garden, which made me even more thrilled when I saw the fantastical fripperies that were tucked away in those boxes. I knew then that I was head-over-heels in LOVE and couldn't wait to check out their October 2017 box. See my step-by-step unboxing below!

Look at the pretty and Halloweenie October Enchantment Box! 
Love the unicorn in a witch's hat!

Of course I didn't spend much time admiring the outside as I was dying to find out what goodies were inside this Hocus Pocus themed box! I opened it up and was greeted by a postcard detailing what was inside along with a sweet note on THE CUTEST Halloween card I've ever seen!

Upon opening, I was greeted with a boo-tiful postcard and card...

Is this not THE CUTEST Halloween card you've ever seen?!

And then I couldn't wait any longer and tore into the box, digging through bright Halloween packing materials to find the treasures that were within the box. Take a peek at the spooky stuff I found inside (links included to individual companies when possible):

Bloodbath Sugar Scrub in Hallows Eve scent! It's a spicy blend of bergamot, 
fresh geranium, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and black cardamom with a touch
of amber, cedarwood, and musk, and I can just imagine the Sanderson
Sisters using this to exfoliate to look younger instead of having 
to suck the lives out of little children!

Nesting Zone (formerly Beetle + Bones Apothecary) Soap reminds me of the
night sky above the school where Max, Dani, and Allison think they defeat
the Sanderson Sisters! Smells like sweet vanilla, deep tobacco, with a
juicy bite of mandarin.

How gorgeous is this vintage-inspired black cat design on this eyeshadow 
palette from Belladonna's Cupboard?! Check out the colors that are
inside this palette below.

This eyeshadow palette from Belladonna's Cupboard will help you create
a bewitching look this Halloween and beyond! Like everything in the box,
this makeup is cruelty-free and vegan. The shadows are highly pigmented
and I can't wait to play around with the fun colors!

One of my favorite things from the box is this Hocus Pocus bracelet that 
features an itty bitty broom, hat, crystals, and charm that reads
"It's just a bunch of hocus pocus" - it is handmade and gorgeous!

This black cauldron bath bomb smells bewitching and is appropriately called
"I Put a Spell on You" and made by Bomb Shells. It smells like pumpkin, 
cinnamon, ginger, musk, and vanilla and will provide the perfect
pick-me-up for any witch. 

GHOULS, it's the black flame candle!! This adorable votive is called 
"Night Magic" and it smells just like the night air on Halloween night
while riding broomsticks with the Sanderson Sisters!

Sjaak's chocolates are the best, so I was stoked to get a white chocolate skull
and two pumpkin spice bites. These are the perfect Halloween treats!

Finally, this incredible Hocus Pocus garland from Bedlam Supply Co. was
in this box! I just about died when I saw this, I was so excited! It is handmade
with thick double-sealed card-stock and printed on professional-grade matte
paper with fade resistant acid-free ink. 

Can you believe all the cool items that were included in the Hocus Pocus Enchantment Box?! I am really impressed with the Enchantment Box and I think their boxes are an amazing way of treating yourself or a loved one! You can buy single boxes for about $50, or start a subscription - you can sign up for a monthly subscription ($50) or save some money by pre-paying for a 3-month or 6-month subscription (prices can vary, check the Enchantment Box site for pricing).

I love how the founder of the company started the Enchantment Box as a way to capture the awe and wonder of being a kid, and how anything was possible! She wanted to evoke the same magical feeling with the Enchantment Box, and I think she has succeeded! The Enchantment Box will make anyone feel like a princess!

For more information on the Enchantment Box, visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay spooky, witches!


  1. OMG! Love the Enchanted Box. Also, I cannot think of a better person to test the October EB that our very own Spooky Vegan. Thank you for sharing with pics. BTW, I previously purchased a couple of vintage Halloween banners from the Bedlam Supply Co on Etsy -- I did not know they have a Hocus Pocus banner! Must have! Thank you again for sharing, Sarah and, if I didn't already say it: "Happy Halloween!"

    1. That's so rad! Their boxes are so swoon-worthy, so happy I was able to check this one out! Bedlam Supply Co. is so awesome and the Hocus Pocus banner is probably my fave item from the box! Thanks so much, Happiest of Halloweens to you as well! <3


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