Thursday, December 13, 2018

13 Days of Holiday Horror Movies

Can you believe Christmas is just 13 days away?! Eeeeek! I can't believe it is nearly here, and I can't wait to spend the holiday relaxing and enjoying some time off. During October, I sometimes do a countdown called 31 Days of Halloween Movies (check it out HERE), where I watch a Halloween-themed movie every day of October, so I thought it would be fun to do the same kind of countdown for December and invite you to play along as well!

Of course, instead of Halloween movies we will be watching Christmas horror movies! There are a lot to choose from, so I picked some old and new favorites to get us into the holly jolly horrordays spirit! Links go to Amazon to purchase the films and I've also noted if and where they are available to stream.
  1. Thursday, December 13th - All the Creatures Were Stirring (available to stream on Shudder)
  2. Friday, December 14th - Saint (Sint)
  3. Saturday, December 15th - Christmas Evil (available to stream on Shudder)
  4. Sunday, December 16th -  Santa's Slay
  5. Monday, December 17th - Better Watch Out (available to stream on Shudder)
  6. Tuesday, December 18th - Silent Night
  7. Wednesday, December 19th - A Christmas Horror Story (available to stream on Shudder)
  8. Thursday, December 20th - Dead End
  9. Friday, December 21st - Silent Night, Deadly Night (available to stream on Shudder)
  10. Saturday, December 22nd - Krampus 
  11. Sunday, December 23rd - Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (available to stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu)
  12. Monday, December 24th - Gremlins
  13. Tuesday, December 25th - Black Christmas (available to stream on Shudder)
Join me in counting down the days until Creepmas by watching this Christmas horror movies with me, starting tonight!

If you are looking for where to watch other Christmas movies streaming, check out my post HERE and check out my list of Christmas horror movies to buy on Amazon HERE!

Stay spooky, my fiends!

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  1. Great list! :D It's a nice change from all these cutesy family friendly stuff.


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