Thursday, December 12, 2019

13 Days of Lesser-Known Holiday Horror Movies

Looking for some holiday horror films to count down the remaining 13 days until Christmas but don't feel like watching the same old stuff? I wanted to share 13 lesser-known holiday horror films, including some new releases as well as some you may have missed or forgotten about. Watch one a day as a countdown to Christmas, or feel free to binge-watch or pick and choose as you please!

Below I've noted if the movies are available to stream as well as including links to the respective films' DVD/Blu-ray on Amazon as well.
  1. Friday, December 13thA Nasty Piece of Work (available exclusively to stream on Hulu) - This is the newest entry into Hulu's Into the Dark series, and I really enjoyed its dark comedic tone and the performance by Julian Sands as a sadistic boss. 
  2. Saturday, December 14th - P2 - A woman working late on Christmas Eve gets trapped in a parking garage with a security guard who has been stalking her. I love Wes Bentley in this film, even if he does play a psycho. 
  3. Sunday, December 15th - Don't Open 'Til Christmas - It's Christmastime in London and a masked maniac is on the loose killing off Santa Clauses! This isn't the best film, but hey, it's got that Christmas spirit and it is one not many people have seen, so give it a go!
  4. Monday, December 16th - Inside - You want to cut out all the saccharine holiday cheer? Just watch this French Extremity movie, which happens to be set on Christmas Eve! 
  5. Tuesday, December 17thTo All A Goodnight - Directed by David Hess (better known for his acting work in films like The Last House on the Left), this horror film features a Christmas slasher stalking a house of women much like Black Christmas
  6. Wednesday, December 18th - Deadly Games aka aka Dial Code Santa Claus (available exclusively to stream on Shudder) - This little-seen French film pre-dates Home Alone and is kinda the same premise. A Rambo-obsessed young boy must protect his home from a killer Santa Claus by setting booby traps throughout his home.
  7. Thursday, December 19th - All Through the House - (available to stream on Amazon Prime) - This '80s-style slasher came out just a few years ago, yet I don't hear many people talking about it. Sure, it's kinda a standard killer slasher flick, but it's surprisingly a fun watch nonetheless. 
  8. Friday, December 20th - Await Further Instructions - After a mysterious phenomenon traps them inside their house on Christmas, a series of increasingly disturbing instructions on TV lead a family into a cycle of paranoia and violence. This film certainly captures the trauma of family gatherings, and delves into some vicious body horror. This film isn't for everyone, but if you are looking for something different this holiday season, this may be it!  
  9. Saturday, December 21st - A Cadaver Christmas (available to stream on Amazon Prime) - Zombies for Christmas! This indie film is a ghoulish good time for the horrordays.
  10. Sunday, December 22nd -  The Children - A Christmas holiday turns deadly when a family's children turn monstrous. Hey, if you ever need an excuse to not hang with your family's kids, just show your family this movie.  
  11. Monday, December 23rd - Slay Belles - I adore this indie film about three cosplayers facing off against Krampus with Santa's help; it has so much heart and is so much fun!
  12. Tuesday, December 24thAnna and the Apocalypse (available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime) - This zombie musical is gory and hilarious, with some pretty heart-wrenching moments, too.
  13. Wednesday, December 25th - Black Christmas (available to stream on Shudder) - This classic is a must-watch every Christmas for me - it still is every bit as creepy the 100th time I watch it as it was the first time!
Feel free to mix up the order shown above, or throw in any of these alternates: Saint (Sint)Silent NightSanta's SlayGremlinsDead End, KrampusSilent Night, Deadly NightChristmas EvilRare Exports: A Christmas Tale , Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, Jack FrostA Christmas Horror StoryBetter Watch OutAll the Creatures Were Stirring.

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Stay spooky, fiends!

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