Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Photo Post: Bay Area Travels

Hello spooklings! Apologies for my long absence from my home-away-from-home (as I like to think of this blog), but real life has been kickin' my butt lately!!

Hopefully I can get my blogging back on track (it's insanely relaxing for me, as weird as that may sound), but until then I have some photos to share with you from a recent trip I took to visit my family up in the Bay Area over President's Day weekend this past February. It was a short trip (and freezing cold!!) but it was awesome to be able to see the fam!

Below you'll find some random photos Mister Spooky and I snapped on the trip!

 Ahhhhh...the open road!

 Greasy diner yum!

 Somewhere in Napa County, CA

 Delish falafel from Small World - Napa, CA

 The Birds house - Bodega Bay, CA

 Church used in The Birds - Bodega Bay, CA

 The Birds wine!!

 Salt water taffy @ Candy & Kites in Bodega Bay, CA
Sadly, not vegan =(

 Gorgeous Bodega Bay


 Cape Fear Cafe in the quaint town of Duncans Mills, CA
Mister Spooky boasts they had the best food on our entire trip!

 Hot air balloons in Wine Country

 Cave at Sutro Baths in San Francisco

 Unicorn graffiti in San Francisco FTW!

 The always beautiful San Francisco! 


Snack for the long drive home! 

Ominous beauty


  1. Wonderful photos! It must be been a nice trip...=)

  2. Indeed it was...thanks for taking a look! :)

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