Sunday, October 19, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Spooky Short - Trick or Treat

While browsing the fantastic site Halloween Short Films (also a member of the great 31 Days of Halloween countdown!), I found this gem of a short film, called Trick or Treat, that was made back in 2010. I love the atmosphere of this short, as well as the costume of the killer! Check it out below!

For Sam and her friends Halloween is a night filled with tricks and treats. The name of the game is whose prank is the scariest. The fun ends when Sam begins receiving bizarre gifts on her doorstep. Is this just another prank or has someone changed the rules?

Featuring a talented cast (Dave Fontaine, Ky Gratton, and Anna Ross), Trick or Treat is a short horror film from the mind and direction of Michael Oakes.

If you want more info on this short, check out the film's blog!

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