Saturday, August 31, 2019

Halloween 2019 at Target's Dollar Spot

Hello fiends! Apologies for my absence - I moved out of Southern California at the end of July and have been busy since then helping my family clean up my late grandparents' ranch and getting ready for another move even further north soon! I am in a remote location in Northern California at the moment - it's gorgeous and I'm enjoying it, but I am so far away from everything and when I do get into the nearest town it doesn't have many stores. Plus, my internet connection isn't the most reliable (though this means I've been disconnecting more and more, which is so healthy mentally!). So, Halloween updates may be a bit few and far between this year since I'm going through so many changes.

However, I did visit a Target about an hour or so away from me recently, and found they were just stocking their Dollar Spot or Bullseye's Playground with Halloween items! Not everything was out yet, but it was incredibly thrilling to see Halloweenie items at Target!

See what I spotted in Bullseye's Playground at Target below:

 Eeeeeeeeeek, love seeing orange and black in stores!

 Cute little pumpkins!

 Light-up jack-o-lanterns and ghosties (I want the ghost)!

 Candy bowls

 Ghost and jack-o-lantern string lights.

 Trick or Treat banner

 Bar towels

 Decorative headstones and Trick or Treat blocks

 Boo pillow

 Happy Halloween pillow

 More decorative gourds

 Trick or Treat pillow

 This one was my favorite - Boo Pumpkin pillow!

Neon lights are back - they had a pumpkin- and candy-shaped lights (there
is also a witch's hat, but I didn't see it at my store)

 How adorable is this little witchy sign?!

 More cute candy bowls - I love using these for storing bracelets, sponges
on the kitchen sink, key holders, and more!

 These little houses were pretty darn precious!

 Ahhhhhh these little lights were so spooky sweet!

Plastic plates

 Am I the only kid that loved getting Halloween stickers while out trick or
treating?! I love that Halloween stickers for trick or treaters are back!

 Instead of using this as a plate, I would use this as a tray to store things
like rings, earrings, office supplies, and so on. It would fit perfect in
dresser or desk drawers!

 Halloween buckets - great for Halloween gifts, trick or treat buckets, 
decor, planters, storage, pencil/pen holders, and so much more.

 Window clings, notepads, and pencils

 Halloween pencils and treat bags

 These blank books were so freaking cute and come in a variety of styles

 More blank books that make my heart flutter with Halloween joy!

 These craft kits featuring stitch kits would be great for rainy day crafts!

 Adore these paint-your-own spooky trees and haunted houses

 Haunted House sign and Halloween party supplies

 Yes please!

 These broomstick beverage stirrers were so precious!!

 Hocus Pocus sign

Halloween socks

Bat cat fabric bucket

Jack-o-lantern and witch light-up necklaces

Spooky banner

 Love the color scheme of this autumn foliage decor

 I love seeing pumpkins!!

 Autumn leaves pretty please

 Fabric foxes

 Pumpkin succulents and more fall decor

And of course the herald of more Halloweenie things to come, Target's
Halloween card collection!

Does your Dollar Spot/Bullseye's Playground at Target have Halloween stuff yet? I'm thinking that most Target stores will have their dollar section stocked with Halloween after this weekend, woo hoo!

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. I wondered where you had gone. Good luck with the move.

  2. I was just at target and nothing but man those pillows look fun this year.

  3. Oh man I didn't see that little eating tray! I hope it is still at my target!

    I got the temp tatt boxes. Once kids find out that they are tattoos they are usually excited. Especially at the end of the night when I think kids are ACTUALLY getting tired of candy.


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