Friday, October 22, 2010

31 Days of Halloween: 13 Alternative Halloween Songs

You know those Halloween songs that come out on those cheap-o comps and crowd the check-out counters of Halloween stores? You know, the ones that are filled with the usual holiday standards of “Monster Mash” or “Thriller”?

Aren’t you sick to death of hearing these, year in and year out? I mean, these overplayed songs are almost becoming as bad as Christmas carols! It’s not that I don’t love the old classics, but I think it is high time people got some fresh blood circulating through their iPods!

So, like last year when I listed 13 Songs to Haunt your Halloween, I present to you a whole new list of alternative Halloween songs.

1.) “Halloween in Heaven” – Type O Negative (available on Dead Again)

"The dead they got that morbid beat
It goes deo deo
They dance upon decaying feet
With their black toes, oh no
Heaven, limbo, and hell
Purgatory oh well, oh well

Halloween in heaven
It's Christmas in hell
Halloween in heaven
Oh well, oh well"

2.) “When You’re Evil” – Voltaire (available on The Devil's Bris)

"And it's so easy when you're evil
This is the life, you see
The Devil tips his hat to me
I do it all because I'm evil
And I do it all for free
Your tears are all the pay I'll ever need"

3.) “Orange and Black” – God Module (available on Let's Go Dark)

“All the leaves have died
All the faces on the pumpkins come to life.
He’s coming home tonight.
There’s no where in the world that you can hide.
From the shape hiding in the closet.
The monster under your bed.
There’s no way that you can stop this.
It’s Halloween and you’re dead.

4.) “Night in the Lonesome October” – Calabrese (available on Traveling Vampire Show)

“Like a bat in flight
Mortals go to hell
We're already dead
Hypno eyes will turn
Virgin minds will burn
Taste of blood tonight”

5.) “Trick or Treat” – Nekromantix (available on Return of the Loving Dead)

“Trick, Trick, Trick or Treat
Open up your door and give me what I need
Thrill kill Halloween I'll show you something
That you've never seen”

mmmm...Davey Havok deliciousness! 

6.) “Michael” – Son of Sam (available on Songs From The Earth)

“I've been waiting patiently for this day to arrive and
I have spoken not a single word,
Now hand to hand my voice shall be heard

No Michael, not this time,
I've been waiting for oh so long, oh so long”

7.) “Spook City USA” – Misfits

“See the ghosts as you drive past graveyards
Spook City U.S.A.
Deathly souls in American graveyards
Spook City U.S.A.
Here is where I'll die for sure”

8.) “The Halloween Dance” – Reverend Horton Heat (available on Halloween Hootenanny)

“You do the step with the Psycho knife
You push a shopping cart like a Stepford wife
You stoop like a hunchback of Notre Dame
Now you’re doing the Halloween dance”

9.) “Autumn” – Bella Morte (available on Where Shadows Lie)

“When summer fades to silence
When winter's still a dream
And solemn sleep to you is blind again
And the Autumn comes with amber eyes
Pale as the night
To enthrall your soul”

10.) “No Costume, No Candy” – Swingin’ Neckbreakers (available on Halloween Hootenanny)

“Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat
No costume, no candy”

11.) “A Minute to Midnight” – God Module (Magic in My Heart Is Dead)

“I want to hang you on the wall like a Halloween mask
Do the things to you that you’re afraid to ask for
I knew you in the leaves and the pumpkins and the trees
Down on your knees in the cemetery”

12.) “October Skies” – Glis (available on Nemesis)

“As rain falls from October skies
I chase on into the night
Haunted by visions of past lives
As rain falls from October skies”

13.) “Kiss the Blade” - Combichrist (available on Kiss The Blade)

“A glint of steel
In the night in the night
Darkness will arise

Behind a mask
A godless child
A force that never dies” 

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  1. Awesome list. Any list with Calabrese on it is fine by me. Thanks for sharing.



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