Monday, December 5, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas: We're Gonna Have a Gothic Christmas

A few years ago, symphonic metal/gothic rock band Within Temptation released a free song around the holidays called "Gothic Christmas". With lyrics like, "Santa's going to grunt in Latin; And slay a dragon or two." and "Rudolph, he will change his name, 'Cause "Rudolph" just sounds really lame— Now we'll call him Ragnagord, The evil reindeer overlord" this song is just plain fun!

To make it even better, a fan has cut scenes from The Nightmare Before Christmas and set them to Within Temptation's "Gothic Christmas" song!

Enjoy the video below:


  1. Very cool. I must be the only one who hasn't seen Nightmare Before Christmas. Just put it in my Netflix queue.

  2. "Rudolph, he will change his name, 'Cause "Rudolph" just sounds really lame."



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