Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Fourth Annual Spook Show Halloween Festival

Last month I attended the Halloween Club's 4th Annual Spook Show in La Mirada, California. It was my second year attending the event (you can check out pics and my report from last year here!), which is a fantastic outdoor market selling all kinds of Halloween and horror-inspired wares! The event brings together a wide array of vendors who sell anything from Halloween props and decor, to makeup, to taxidermy, to clothing and costumes, and much, much more! Pretty much anything you can think of, including art, jewelry, hair accessories, purses, knick-knacks, furniture, masks - all with a spooky twist of course! Plus there were also local haunts representing there, too, along with various Halloween entertainment vendors. The event is like a slice of Halloween heaven in springtime!

The hearse clubs were out in full force and we admired their hearses while
waiting in line to get in.

The event is free as long as you reserve your entrance tickets in advance (you MUST have a ticket for entry) and is held in the Halloween Club's parking lot. This year was even bigger than the last, with more vendors, more food trucks, and more space. The entry line moved MUCH faster than last year, and we got there a bit earlier so we had no trouble finding parking on side streets. I'm so glad they improved the flow of the entry line this year, especially since a lot of people don't care to enter the raffle or to take a photo before entry.

The turnout this year was massive, and even an Elvira impersonator showed up!

We got in fairly fast, and despite the chance of rain and occasional sprinkles, Halloween fans turned out in force! There were people dressed in awesome costumes or just dressed to the nines, and everyone was infected with the Halloween spirit! There were live bands playing throughout the day, other entertainment, plus a solid assortment of food trucks, including a vegan food vendor (Southern Fried Vegan, I love you!)!! So many awesome things to look at, too! Here is an assortment of photos from the day:

I loved these candles, bummed I didn't buy any!

Paws and claws

Lovely hair adornments! I was so tempted to buy the bunny ears!

 One of the wandering creepy clowns took a selfie with Mister Spooky's phone!

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

 There was so much drool-worthy jewelry at the event! I wanted it all!

This build-a-bowl from Southern Fried Vegan was filled with mac n cheese, 
collard greens, and their famous fried chick'n! Soooooooo good!!! And I was
SO HAPPY they had vegan options at the event! 

Grrrrrr arghhhhh! 

 LA's Haunted Hayride had a cool booth!

 One of my favorite stops was at FrightWares' booth! I've loved her jewelry for
quite some time and it was so wonderful to meet her in person! 

 More gorgeous FrightWares jewelry!

Phantom Coaches' hearse 

Here's what I purchased this year - an adorable tote bag from Bearded Lady
Vintage that reads "The only thing I hunt are ghosts" (plus some free pins), 
a bar of vegan soap from Hellflower Soap Company (their only vegan soap
 is the unscented kind), two lipsticks from Black Moon Cosmetics
and a moon and bat necklace from the lovely FrightWares.

I already can't wait for next year's event!

For more info, visit the Spook Show website!

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  1. Yay! I went this year because I saw your post about it- we had a blast and also got a vegan bowl from Southern Fried, too. It was awesome!


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