Thursday, April 25, 2019

10 Things I'm Loving This April

It's officially springtime here and temperatures are heating up, flowers are blooming, the rain has stopped, and summer is swiftly on the way (but that just means we are closer to Halloween season, right?!). This month has been a whirlwind of activity and seems to have gone by in a flash! So much good stuff happened that it is gonna be tough to consolidate it down to ten, but here we go!

As I've been doing on a monthly basis with these "ten things" posts, I'm sharing 10 items I'm loving this month. This practice encourages me to be grateful for the little (and big) things in my life and also give me a chance to share some cool things with you!

See the 10 Things I'm Loving This April below:

1.) Spook Show at Halloween Club - I had so much fun at this year's Spook Show Halloween Festival, held at the beginning of April! I got to see some of my favorite vendors, check out some new ones, visit with fiends, and came home with a huge haul (you can check out my day at Spook Show HERE)! I am so happy with all of my boo-tiful buys; there were so many fantastic vendors there this year. And I loved sharing the spooky love with my readers by hosting a giveaway where vendors contributed some truly wondrous items (the contest is over, but I always hold more on my Instagram!).

2.) Possession movie - This 1981 Andrzej Żuławski film has been high on my must-watch list, but I could never track down a copy (at least one that wasn't exorbitantly priced). I finally found one on Amazon, ordered it, and proceeded to be stunned by this visceral, emotionally violent film. I really have no words to describe it, but I loved it, and so glad I was able to finally watch it!

3.) I Like Scary Movies Experience - I got a sneak peek of this immersive art installation at the beginning of April and had a blast! It is like a selfie museum, featuring photo ops from recreated scenes in horror films like The Shining, IT, Nightmare on Elm Street, Beetlejuice, and The Lost Boys. It is open to the public now and quite a fun way to haunt an afternoon!

4.) Half-o-ween - April 30th marks the half-way point to Halloween!!! Eeeeek, we are almost halfway there and I couldn't be more excited! To celebrate, I'll probably watch some Halloween-themed films and continue scheming for this year's Halloween season. Check out 13 ways to celebrate Half-o-ween HERE!

5.) Walpurgisnacht - April 30th also marks Walpurgisnacht, or Witches' Night, a Germanic holiday with roots in paganism. It is said that on Walpurgisnacht, the veil is thinnest between our world and the spirit world, and witches take flight on their brooms to a huge gathering on a mountaintop. The holiday is still celebrated, especially in Germany, though instead of fearing witches it is now used to celebrate them. You can check out more about Walpurgisnacht, including witchy music, witch movie recommendations, and more, HERE!

6.) Thrifting finds - I went thrifting with my ghoul Nancy (who runs Dulce Calaveritas, a fabOOlous boutique for all kinds of fun Halloweenie accessories) and found a few wonderful items, including this Frankenstein Monster candy dispenser (sadly, it's broken, but still cute) and some horror DVDs. It was such a fun day, I can't wait until we do it again!

7.) The Undead Adventures of Bone Boy and Ghost GirlThe undying friendship between a skeleton and a ghost. Bone Boy and Ghost Girl are best friends who live in a cemetery. Though they may be dead and gone, their friendship is still alive and strong. This is a picture book for ALL spooky ages, with wonderful illustrations by Billy Polard (who is a longtime Insta friend!). It is beautifully illustrated not to mention has a fun message for spooky kids of all ages. 

8.) Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery - I visited this historic LA cemetery this month and wandered its overgrown resting places for hours. This isn't your typical well-manicured and groomed Hollywood cemetery, but it is all the more gorgeous for being so wild and seemingly hidden right in the middle of downtown! Plus, it houses the final resting places of several noteworthy early Hollywood stars, like director Tod Browning and "The Spider Woman", vamp actress Louise Glaum, among with notable figures from politics, the Civil War, and civil and women's rights heroes. Tip: Watch out for the security guards, they don't like people taking photos.

9.) Good Mourning, Nancy podcast - This podcast is one of the best horror-themed ones out there! Gracie and Abbey are two horror fiends who are extremely knowledgeable about the genre and discuss horror from a feminist perspective. I love their deep dives into horror films and they bring up so many interesting points about themes, symbolism, and meaning behind films as well as fun facts and trivia. 

10.) Terrifier enamel pin by Creepcake - I am not a big pin collector, but this Art the Clown (from Terrifier) pin by Christopher Creepcake is incredible!! I love Art, he is one of my favorite recent boogeymen (you can watch him in Terrifier and All Hallows' Eve) and so delightfully vicious and brutal. I kept ooooh'ing and ahhhhh'ing over this pin on Instagram, and Chris was so sweet and sent me a pin!

What have you been digging this April? Let me know in the comments!

Stay spooky, my pumpkins!

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  1. Yey Possession! It was so cool, and that freak out scene is amazing. I was able to see it projected on a big screen through a local non-profit theater, and then felt a little weird taking the subway back home lol


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