Friday, October 19, 2018

70 Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

If you are looking for some spooky horror movies to watch on Netflix this Halloween, I have 70 recommendations for you this year! I've watched all the films listed below and personally enjoyed them, though they vary in tone from dark horror to slapstick humor to gore to ghost stories to sci-fi to psychological horror and beyond! With such a variety, there is something for everyone.

While I feel like Netflix' horror movie catalog is shrinking, they still have some really great titles that are worth a watch (or re-watch). Check out 70 horror movies you should watch on Netflix this Halloween below:
  1. 47 Meters Down
  2. A Dark Song
  3. Anguish
  4. Apostle
  5. As Above So Below
  6. Before I Wake
  7. Berlin Syndrome
  8. Beyond the Gates
  9. Boys in the Trees
  10. Cabin Fever (the original, not the awful remake)
  11. Cargo
  12. Carnage Park
  13. Cheap Thrills
  14. Children of the Corn
  15. Circle
  16. Clown
  17. Creep
  18. Creep 2
  19. Cube
  20. Cult of Chucky
  21. Gerald’s Game
  22. Haunters: The Art of the Scare
  23. Hellraiser
  24. House on Willow Street
  25. Hush
  26. I Am Not a Serial Killer
  27. I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House
  28. Interview with the Vampire
  29. It Follows
  30. Killing Ground
  31. Kristy
  32. Last Shift
  33. Life After Beth
  34. Malevolent 
  35. Mohawk
  36. Oculus
  37. Patchwork
  38. Pay the Ghost
  39. Raw
  40. Requiem
  41. Scream 4
  42. Shelley
  43. Super Dark Times
  44. Tales of Halloween
  45. Terrifier
  46. The Babysitter
  47. The Collection
  48. The Conjuring
  49. The Devil’s Candy
  50. The Endless
  51. The Gift
  52. The Good Neighbor
  53. The Invitation
  54. The Lodgers
  55. The Nightmare
  56. The Ritual
  57. The Shining
  58. The Sixth Sense
  59. The Transfiguration
  60. The Void
  61. The Wailing
  62. The Witch
  63. Train to Busan
  64. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  65. Tusk
  66. Under the Shadow
  67. Under the Skin
  68. Veronica
  69. Would You Rather
  70. XX
What Netflix titles will you be watching?

Note: To the best of my knowledge, these titles are available on Netflix streaming for the U.S. region effective October 2018. Since streaming licenses through Netflix vary/expire and differ per region, I can't guarantee these are available to everyone, but at the time of this post these were all active titles in the U.S. Netflix streaming catalog.

Stay spooky!

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