Friday, October 19, 2018

Boot Hill Home Haunt and Yard Display

Boot Hill is a home haunt and yard display in Irvine, California that is open select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights leading up to Halloween. It is in its 19th year of keeping the Halloween spirit alive and is put together with spooky love every year by the homeowners. It features an Old-West theme, with the facade of a home and the front yard transformed into an Old West town and cemetery, and the ghost of Jedediah Smith roaming the ghoulish grounds!

I finally got off my lazy bum and visited this home haunt and wanted to share photos and my experience with you below to encourage you to visit this home haunt and yard display as well!

The event features a short walk through the front yard, with some surprising spooks joining you during your sinister stroll. While you wait outside to enter, you will also encounter some creepy characters that will keep you on your toes! There are also some great photo opportunities while you wait your turn. Groups are let in a few at a time, and though it is a free event, donations are accepted and go to CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County).

For its small size, this yard haunt has some eerie effects and spooktacular scare actors! The cemetery is simply boo-tiful, and there are some jaw-dropping gallows effects! While you are appreciating the beauty of the haunt, you'll likely be surprised by a few ghouls that are hiding in the cemetery (I know I was!!). This was such a fun home haunt and so well done - I highly encourage you to attend!

Boot Hill is located at 16 Goldenrod in Irvine, California and is open 7 PM to 10 PM Friday, October 19th, Saturday, October 20th, Sunday, October 21st, Friday, October 26th, Saturday, October 27th, and Sunday, October 28th. Please note that they will NOT be open Halloween night! The haunt is located in a residential neighborhood and parking is limited, so early arrival is suggested.

For more information, visit the Boot Hill website!

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