Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Spooky Halloween Home Tour: My Boo-tiful Bedroom

My bed and my sweet prince Havoc

Happy Halloween Eve Eve, fiends! Earlier today I took you on a haunted home tour of my living (dead) room and creepy kitchen, and I also wanted to share my boo-tiful bedroom with you. This is where I dream at night of moonlit graveyards, friendly ghosts and monsters, autumn forests lit in reds, yellows, and oranges, misty pumpkin patches, and other delightful dreams. It is where I get ready every morning for the day ahead, put together my to-do lists, and write my blog posts. It is my serene space where I listen to music, relax, and gaze out the second-story window into the leaves of a tree. I love taking naps with my cat Havoc underneath the orange lights and soft pumpkin glow, with the window open and the wind rustling the leaves of the tree.

Enough with me babbling on, though, and onto the photos of my boo-tiful bedroom:

 My bed and collection of Love Pain and Stitches bags and scarves

A close up of the bags and scarves

My necklaces and other jewelry, perfumes, and a few pieces of decor

 Jewelry, decor, Foam Foolery custom-made jack-o-lantern puppet
books, Creature mask, and storage boxes

 I use my wide-mouth Frankie jar to hold Halloween bracelets. Also, that
October Shadows room spray by Seance Perfumes is pure autumn
joy in a bottle!

 I am so glad my mom saved my Halloween trolls for me! And I've had those
zebra earrings since I was in like 6th or 7th grade. Spooky AF button
by KMSxCo.

 These little shelves sit above my desk. I love my bat and bat skeleton lights! 
My BF bought the yellow Popple for me because I had one just like it when
I was younger (swoon). 

Cavity Colors had this free Goosebumps sticker with a past order and I
loved it so much that I framed it. It now sits above my desk.

My vanity - includes pumpkin warmer, essential oil diffuser, lotions, and
my Sourpuss coffin shelf that stores some perfumes as well as my 
Black Moon Cosmetics lipsticks. Plus the knock-off Lily Munster
cut-out from the 99 Cents Only store keeps me company.

 Close up of the mirror above my vanity

My cozy bed, where I dream my pumpkin dreams at night.

 Besides the smell of pumpkin, I adore lavender, so I have dried lavender
and lavender sleep spray by my bed (as well as an Elvira sleep mask).

My little corner nook, featuring some of my fave cards / art I've received. 
On the right is "The Girl Who Dreams of Halloween" by Cavity Colors.
You can find the Tiffany-style pumpkin lamp on Amazon!

 I love this wall, it's so orange and black and happy!

I love looking out the window into the leaves of this tree (though I do wish
they changed colors). And I always decorate the windows with gel clings!

My handsome dark prince, Havoc!

The bedroom looks like this year-round, minus the gel clings on the window. It is my happy place and my happy place features all things Halloween 24/7!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my spooky home!

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. Havoc looks like a charmer. What a fun room. My kind of place.

  2. I especially like how you framed the vanity with lights, ravens and bats!


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