Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pageant of the Monsters Halloween Haunt

The Pageant of the Monsters returns to Laguna Beach only once every five years, and 2018 is one of the years it appears at the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts. It features a macabre marketplace, sinister sideshow, eerie arts and creepy crafts, and a haunted house walk-through the backstage of the theater. The event runs only four nights, on October 26th, 27th, 28th, and 31st. There are only two nights left of the event, and you can read more about my visit there below!

I was given tickets to check out the event on opening night on Friday, October 26th. I was excited to visit the Pageant of the Monsters, especially since I had never attended before and it is only about 20 minutes from where I live. This year, the theme is Raiders of the Lost Art, and in the haunt walk-through you follow "Cincinnati Jones" through exotic locales from the Amazon jungle to the mystical temples of India to the Egyptian tombs of the pharaohs and beyond! Besides the haunt, the event also features some local vendors and artists, an alien autopsy experience, an arts and crafts area, and food and refreshments. Check out photos from my visit below:

 I recommend parking at a lot about two miles from the event to avoid traffic in
Laguna Beach - you then hop on a shuttle that drops you off right in front of
the event! Parking in this lot is free, and catching the shuttle is easy.

 Love the decor to the entrance of the event at the Festival of Arts

This ghoulish host greets you once you enter the event!

 There is also a scarecrow contest and attendees can vote on their favorite!

 This is one of my favorite scarecrows, "Conflagration, Demon of the
Santa Ana Winds"

 I also adore the Joan Crawford and Reaper Jack scarecrows

 Emeril Lagrosse - this made me chuckle!! The demented chefs are
real characters - don't miss out getting photos with them like I did

 I adore classic monster art

 This little graveyard is darling

 These friendly jacks lead the way to the crafting area, which has all sorts
of fun things for kiddos to do

 Raiders of the Lost Art t-shirts and tote bags

 This piece of art is incredible and 3-D!

 Creepy clowns are my jam

 Another piece of art with 3-D skeletons incorporated into it

 The busy arts and craft floor once doors opened to the public

 Love these skeleton performers!

 This kid-friendly alien autopsy experience is otherworldly fun!

 Raiders of the Lost Art entrance

 Raiders of the Lost Art entrance, where people are dying to get in!

 Dr. Cincinnati Smith teaching a class full of admiring students

 Don't lose your way, or you might end up like this guy

 Spooky spectre

 The whole backstage of the theater is turned into vignettes for the haunt!
Some beautifully spooky sets are back there.

 Oops, looks like we interrupted a ceremony in the Temple of Doom!

 Exotic dancers

 Cincinnati Smith saving us from certain doom

"Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory"

 "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?!" 

"But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, 
the false Grail will take it from you."

The event is only for two more nights, so don't miss it before it disappears
for another five years!

While Pageant of the Monsters is a small event, it is fun and suitable for ages! It isn't too scary for kids and has many beautiful sets to keep adults interested. The haunt itself does require some walking up and down stairs and through some uneven terrain, so prepare accordingly. The arts and crafts can keep the kids occupied, and there are several vendors selling art, jewelry, and other items for the adults to browse. The highlight of the evening was the Raiders of the Lost Art haunted house, and I loved seeing the spoof on the Indiana Jones franchise (which I grew up on!). It wasn't scary, but it sure was fun with gorgeous sets to admire.

For more info and to purchase tickets, visit their website!

Stay spooky!

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