Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Jack-o-Punkin Halloween Puppets by FoamFoolery

How cool is this custom-carved and handmade Halloween puppet by FoamFoolery? I have never seen anything quite like it and it is so unique! This spooktacular Jack-o-Punkin puppet was sent to me by Seth Chappell, the creator and puppeteer behind FoamFoolery, a company that specializes in making custom puppets. Seth makes custom puppets for clients and is behind many puppets inspired by metal musicians. His puppets were featured in an Author and Punisher video and he also creates his own metal videos with his puppet band Throwing Goats, with some pretty big guest stars from metal providing music for the videos (check out FoamFoolery on YouTube)!

I was delighted that he reached out and offered to send me one of his incredible creations. I asked him for a scary Jack-O-Punkin, and I was so pleased with what he sent me! I plan on displaying this ghoulish guy year-round in my house so guests can play with him. I simply adore that this is functional art, created by a talented artist and that it can be both displayed as well as played with. It is durable enough to be suitable for kids, too!

The Jack-o-Punkin (he needs a name, what should I name him?!) is lined with a soft black material on the inside that is long enough to cover about half of my forearm. It is easy to put on and take off, and easy to manipulate the mouth. Any design you like can probably be made into a Jack-o-Punkin, you can even have Seth at FoamFoolery add an LED light inside so your Jack-o-Punkin lights up!

FoamFoolery also does custom puppets of all creepy shapes and sizes, from zombies to monsters to even custom puppets made to look like you. They also have some great limited-edition t-shirts and enamel pins for Halloween - I love the designs of the ones in their online store!

If you want your own handmade Jack-o-Punkin, go pick yours from FoamFoolery's Pumpkin Patch today! They are only doing a limited number of orders this year, so contact them on Instagram or send an email to FoamFoolery@gmail.com!

For more info on the phenomenal puppets of FoamFoolery, check out their website!

Stay spooky!

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