Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Spooky Halloween Home Tour: My Living (Dead) Room and Creepy Kitchen

Today, on the day before Halloween, I wanted to take you on a tour of my spooky home! It has been dressed up a bit for Halloween, but despite a few banners and extra decor, it looks like this all year-round. I love creeping it real all year, so why not leave up the decor that brings me happiness and joy?! I especially love leaving the lights up all year as they make it feel so cozy and warm! And of course I love collecting eerie artwork to adorn my walls.

You may remember I shared my living room with you all last year, so I thought I would start there since it is the focal point of my spooky home and what you see as soon as you enter through the front door. We have a soft black couch that I love to sink into after a long day. It is piled high with pillows and blankets for maximum comfort while watching horror movies. I have pumpkins arranged around the TV, twinkle lights strung up around the room, and pieces of art, candles, and small decorations on shelves to create my perfect spooky sanctuary.

Behind the couch there is a vintage church organ that belongs to Mister Spooky as well as the bookshelves that hold my movie collection and some of my favorite books. Beyond the living room is the kitchen, where I somehow manage to squeeze in my collection of Halloween mugs and tableware and cook our vegan meals.

Take a peek at both my spooky living room and kitchen below:

Welcome to my lair! I've got the Ghoul Log (streaming on Shudder) on the TV!

 A Halloween home is a happy home!

 Just a few of the pillows we have, plus a peek at our bookshelves and, 
beyond those, the kitchen.

 Middle piece of art by Drew Rausch, the Welcome sign is from At Home and
sent to me by a lovely ghoul, and the two little signs I found at Homegoods.

 I love Leatherface, so I have my little collection of Texas Chainsaw Massacre
on a shelf in the living room. And of course I'm batty for bats, so here are a few
bat art pieces from various artists, including Meagan Meli, Michelle Prebich,

 This is looking towards the front door. I love my big ghost on the staircase!

 Coffin shelf filled with small pieces of art, Jack the Pumpkin King Funko
business cards, along with a pumpkin spice reed diffuser.

 Nighttime view of Mister Spooky's organ, plus Frankie throwing his hands
up in the air like he just don't care.

 I love this little ghostie so much! He is adora-BOO-le!

 Nighttime view of our staircase ghost

More ghosties! Can you tell I really love ghosts? Plus a cozy fake fireplace
for ambiance.

 Can't get enough of that Ghoul Log!

 A mini Sam altar - featuring art by Michelle Prebich (aka Bat in Your Belfry)
and Saint Sam Skellington prayer candle by Save the Panduhs.

I love my spiderweb clock so much I have one downstairs and upstairs - you
can find this one on Amazon

 Art and coffin box by Dark Town Sally, Edgar Allan Poe prayer candle and
faux succulent jack-o-lantern from Target

Bookshelves stuffed with movies, TV shows (about 95% horror, I think) and
some of my favorite books!

 Close-up of some books, including Halloween novels, Halloween non-fiction, 
Halloween travel, Halloween cookbooks, Halloween stories and poems, as
well as some museum books on skeletons and bodies.

 Some more books on horror, Halloween, and the macabre.

And this is the Anne Rice / Poppy Z. Brite vampire fiction section as well as
my vegan books and vegan cookbooks! Ya, my book organization is kinda
all over the place.

Next, you'll step into the kitchen...

 My creepy coffee corner!

 Where I store most of my Halloween mugs, tableware, cups, etc.

 Eat drink and be scary :)

 My pumpkin canisters and Ouija board cutting board (no spirits will be 
conjured, just yummy vegan food).

 If you've got it, haunt it! Words to live by as I wash the dishes...

There you have a small glimpse into my spooky home! I hope you enjoyed it, and I'll be sharing a glimpse into my bedroom shortly, so stay tuned!

Stay spooky!


  1. OMG, all your stuff, Its Awesome, someday hopefully I will have 1/4 of stuff half as cool as yours sooo pretty, like a litte museum

  2. I love your home! Your snapshots on Instagram have always been such a huge inspiration to me!


  3. This is the second time I've read about the Ghoul Log - is it a download or DVD or something?


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