Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Native Foods' Cinco De Mayo Cooking Demo Report

It promised to be a bright, sunny day this past Saturday. Not only were the birds chirping and the sun was shining, but my mom happened to be visiting from NorCal! Yippee!! And what does a vegan do to impress her non-veg mom on a beautiful day? Why, take her to an outdoors Native Foods cooking demo, of course!

If you are a vegan living in SoCal then you are no doubt familiar with the delish Native Foods restaurants. With locations in Costa Mesa (the locale I like to haunt on a weekly basis), L.A., Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Tustin and Aliso Viejo (with new locations popping up all the time!), almost everyone in SoCal can enjoy the mouthwatering (and completely vegan) food Native Foods offers. The friendly founder of the phenomenal vegan chain, Chef Tanya, is a hoot in person and does each and every cooking demo herself. She isn’t shy about answering questions and it goes without saying that she is a great chef!

Chef Tanya answering questions while preparing fresh cactus salad

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apologies and Salutations

So sorry for neglecting you, my vegan fiends!

April has been a cruel month for me! A few weeks ago I got realllllly sick and after refusing to go to the doctor (I loathe going to the doctor's...even tho my doc is pretty cute!) even though I had a fever for 4 - 5 days straight, I finally had to go. Turns out I had pneumonia! I know, right?! How the heck did I, who almost never gets sick, catch pneumonia, especially in sunny SoCal?! Anywho, being sick wasn't fun. I had to miss my "day job" and couldn't really do anything besides lie in bed and watch streaming episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix. I didn't have the energy to cook anything either, so meals consisted mainly of PB&J sandwiches. Sure, it may sound nice now, but I was pretty miserable and most of the time I was coughing so hard I felt like I was gonna cough up a lung (or two).


Friday, April 2, 2010

Native Foods Serves Up Vegan Easter Feast

This Easter Sunday only, one of my favorite vegan eateries is serving up a delicious vegan feast!! They will be serving a generous helping of their Spring Wellington with Tarragon Hollandaise and Alice’s Dinner Salad, which is a medley of field greens, sugar snap peas, strawberries, toasted almonds and currants with a fresh citrus dressing for under $10 a person!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Happy Vegan Easter!

Ah Easter! Spring has sprung, birds are singing beneath a flawlessly blue sky, flowers are madly blooming all over the place and the grass is a rich emerald green. I may hold a special place in my heart for Halloween, but I love the feeling of rebirth and starting anew that spring brings!
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