Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Our day is finally here! Happy Halloween everybody!

Whew, it has definitely been a jam-packed October! Halloween is always bittersweet when it finally arrives...I mean, it's Halloween, so YAY! At the same time, though, it is also signifies the end of October and the end of Halloween activities. Boo!

Speaking of Halloween activities, at the beginning of the month I shared with you my bucket list for the season. Like most years, I didn't get to do everything I wanted, but I put a decent dent in the list and, more importantly, thoroughly enjoyed this October's activities!

So, here again is my bucket list with all the items I accomplished!

  • Drink apple cider
  • Eat Candy Corn Oreos
  • Crunch through dry leaves - Not many fall leaves here in SoCal, but my parking lot at work has tons I stomped through!
  • Visit the pumpkin patch - Yay for Tanaka Farms! Read about my visit here!
  • Have friends over to carve pumpkins - We hosted a fun horror movie night and also went over to a friend's place to carve pumpkins
  • Throw an awesome Zombie Prom Halloween party  - Success!
  • Pick out a zombie Halloween costume - Prom Queens, I'll eat your hearts out!
  • Listen to Halloween music
  • Watch Halloween-themed movies
  • Watch the classic Universal Monster movies - I actually watched some new ones I had never seen before, like Son of Frankenstein!
  • Wear flannel, scarves and boots - The weather finally cooled down enough so I was able to do this!
  • Visit the Halloween store - Visited multiple ones this year!
  • Bake pumpkin everything! - It was mostly too hot to do this, so I didn't get to bake as much as I wanted to
  • Snuggle up in Halloween blankets - I even bought a new one from Target to add to my collection
  • Try as many pumpkin beers as possible - I stuck with Blue Moon's Harvest Pumpkin Spice this month, so I didn't quite succeed with this one.
  • Make icky-looking Halloween food - Zombie brains and fingers, anyone?
  • Drink pumpkin tea and/or shakes - I made pumpkin pie shakes and lived on Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice tea!
  • Send Halloween cards to friends and family
  • Wear as much orange, black, purple and green (Halloween colors!) as possible
  • Check out fall foliage (even if it is just lusting through pictures) - Thanks to Tumblr and Pinterest for this!
  • Watch Halloween cartoons
  • Buy new Halloween pajamas - Finally found some at Walmart (read my post) of all places!
  • Eat vegan Halloween candy
  • Buy Sweet n Sara Halloween s’mores - I didn't order these in time...argh!
  • Get pumpkin trees from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's 
  • Visit the Halloween display at Roger’s Gardens - Beautiful as always! Read about it here!
  • Go to a haunted house, haunt or hayride - Darn, totally missed out on these this year.
  • Read The Halloween Tree and other Halloween-themed stories
  • Go to Disneyland for Halloweentime
  • Put up Halloween lights and decorations
  • Paint my nails with Halloween colors / get a Halloween manicure
  • Go see ParaNorman / Hotel Transylvania / Frankenweenie in theaters - I didn't get to see any of these! :(
  • See V/H/S / Paranormal Activity 4 / Sinister and other horror movies in theaters - I only need to see PA4
  • See the original Halloween in theaters - Missed it 
  • See Night of the Living Dead play - Missed it
  • Go to Universal Horror Nights or Knott’s Scary Farm - couldn't find the time to go this year
  • Take advantage of any Halloween DVD sales of horror movies
  • Visit Julian, CA to pick apples - was just too hot to make the trek, plus I don't think the crop was all that great this year. 
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Check out as many stores with Halloween decor/items as possible (Target, Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, Home Goods, etc.) - I did them all and spend FAR too much!
  • Wear Halloween tights
  • Try new autumn recipes - It was just too hot to cook or bake anything autumn-y this month. Hopefully in November I'll be able to try some new recipes.
  • Eat as many pumpkin-based foods as possible
  • Wear Halloween jewelry - I got a new bat necklace and Halloween bracelets
  • Visit cemeteries - Didn't get to any this year
  • Complete the 31 Days of Halloween challenge! - WHEW! I posted at least 1 post every day this whole month! For the third year in a row! Yay!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: A Night to Dismember Zombie Prom Halloween Party

This past weekend Mister Spooky and I hosted our Zombie Prom Halloween party and it was a great success! It was such fun planning it all out and making a bunch of decorations and recipes for the party! I am really glad we chose this theme because it gave our guests the opportunity to be creative with their costumes and it gave us the freedom to do some neat decorating!

I made a bunch of cool signs for the party and tons of yummy (and vegan) party noms! We transformed our apartment with streamers, balloons, room wrap, fringe curtains and lots of twinkly lights - and then made sure everything had a bit of blood splatter on it, tee hee!

Mister Spooky and I dressed as the Zombie Prom King and Queen. We got our duds from the thrift store and ripped/bloodied them up. I bought some cheap crowns from the costume store and I made our sashes. Our guests came up with some super-cool costumes and almost everyone stuck to the zombie theme! We had zombie Marilyn Monroe, teacher, janitor, coach, football player, cheerleader, schoolgirl and various zombies, plus a Doctor Doom and a warlock.

We dined on icky-looking but delicious tasting food, listened to groovy Halloween music, drank our infamous bloody punch (it is so yummy but so deadly!) and played games like horror character charades, zombie trivia and zombie darts! At the end of the night we handed out some awesome zombie-themed prizes.

Everyone had lots of fun and I am really pleased how everything turned out! You can take a looksie at the party pics below:

Hosts and Zombie Prom Queen and King (me and Mister Spooky)
I love how the "A Night to Dismember" banner looks

 Entrance with a sign that reads "Welcome to 
Romero High's Zombie Prom 2012"


I want your brains!

 Zombie Buffet (pre-party during set-up)

Zombie Buffet all set up! I really dug the Zombie Prom 
sign I made.

Zombified plates and blood splatter napkins

Zombie Buffet Menu, including Bloody Brains (cream cheese and salsa), 
Lady Fingers aka Bloody Zombie Fingers, Brain Balls (aka popcorn balls), 
Mini Mummies (aka pigs-in-blankets), Zombie Puke (guacamole and salsa), 
Bone Shards (aka chips), Tooth Rot (kettle corn) - everything was vegan!

Some goodies on the Zombie Buffet, including Brain (Popcorn) Balls
and various body parts

Bloody Zombie Fingers were a huge hit!

Mini mummies (I like to think of mummies as old school zombies)

 My sister and I in the handmade photo booth

 Welcome your undead class of Romero High 2012!

I took people's Polaroids when they arrived and they 
picked randomly from a bowl to see what they were 
voted as "Most Likely to..." just like in high school! 

Here is a close-up

Zombie restrooms

 We're coming to get ya!

 Undead prom queen and cheerleader

We want brains!

 Signs I made for the photo booth

 Awwww Mister Spooky and I have a prom pic together!
I am definitely framing this one!

Happy Zombie Prom! 

 Go Team Z! Zombie cheerleader, football coach and football player

 Ok, she couldn't eat, drink or talk, but her makeup
turned out amazing!

 Cute zombie couple 

 Zombie Marilyn Monroe and undead prom-goer

 The Prom King and Doctor Doom

Undead teacher and janitor ... clever costumes!

I think I only have one zombie pose LOL!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Retro Halloween Video Featuring "Halloween" by Kay Lande

This is a cute stop-motion video shot entirely on the iPhone by Jason Willis and set to "Halloween" by Kay Lande and Wade Denning! It is truly stunning, magical and really captures the innocence of Halloween of yesteryear.

Here are some stills from Jason's Flickr set:

Find more info at!
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