Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Story on Going Vegan

Originally published 2/26/08 (that means now I'm over 2 years vegan!!)

I recently went vegan after learning the truth about where our meat, milk, cheese and eggs come from. I feel silly and ignorant about it now, but I had no idea slaughterhouse conditions were so deplorable or just how cruel and inhumane slaughter methods are. I also learned just how unhealthy and unnecessary meat-consumption really is. After just a few days of educating myself on animal welfare, humans’ dietary needs (no, we do not need meat to survive!), the environmental impact of our meat-eating ways, how we’ve been brainwashed by advertising to believe that milk, eggs and meat are good for us, and many other issues, I was convinced that going vegan was the right thing (and only thing) to do.
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