Monday, April 30, 2018

Happy Halfway to Halloween: 13 Ways to Celebrate

Happy Halfway to Halloween! Today marks six months from last Halloween and only six more months until October 31st, 2018! I like celebrating Half-o-Ween on April 30th, since the date coincides with Walpurgisnacht, or Witches' Night (find out more about that and more ways to celebrate HERE!). It's the perfect date for a second Halloween and to celebrate all things spooky!

I like to think of Half-o-Ween as a mini Halloween and celebrate accordingly. You don't have to do anything big (though you could!) but even small things can help invoke the spirit of Halloween! Dim the lights, light some candles or burn some incense, turn on your favorite scary movie, pop on some spooky tunes, crack open a creepy book, and just enjoy a little bit of Halloween goodness before we head into summer. Beside those things you can do, I have 13 more to share with you to celebrate halfway to Halloween - check them out below!

I've posted ways to get in the spooky spirit on Half-o-Ween in previous years (here are my lists from 2017 and 2016), but here are some more ideas to get Halloweenie:

1.) Snag tickets to a summer Halloween convention, like Midsummer Scream (today is the last day to get tickets 40% off!!) taking place in Long Beach, California this July (see the amazing time I had over two days last year HERE and HERE) or Scare LA (check out last year's fun HERE) taking place in August in Los Angeles. If you aren't in SoCal, see if there are other upcoming horror or Halloween events or conventions coming up in your area!

2.) Visit a local historic cemetery, haunted place, and/or dark tourism location near you. Many cities have ghost, paranormal, or serial killer tours that run year-round. Need inspiration? Check out my recent visit to the Queen Mary's most haunted rooms!

3.) Make a wish list of places you would like to visit on Halloween (here are 5 destinations I would love to visit for Halloween).

4.) Buy your favorite candy and trick-or-treat yourself! If you have kiddos you could even have them dress up in costumes and play trick or treat right in your own house. Here are 10 Halloween candies that are vegan and you can probably find the regular, non-Halloween versions in stores.

5.) Start planning your Halloween costume or get dressed up in a costume! Think of it as a dress rehearsal for Halloween.

6.) Carve any leftover pumpkins you still have around, or carve a watermelon, cantaloupe, other melon or squash (you might not be able to find pumpkins at the grocery store, but they will definitely have melons and squash!). Here are examples of melon-o-lanterns I carved last summer!

7.) Horror fans watch horror movies all year long, so make Half-o-Ween special and watch a Halloween-themed horror flick. I've got a huuuuuuuge list of movies (not just horror, though that is a big chunk of the list) set during Halloween HERE!

8.) Wear a piece of Halloween jewelry or don your favorite Halloween t-shirt to show Halloween is everyday.

9.) Bake a pumpkin treat to evoke the flavors of fall. Canned pumpkin is readily available at grocery stores, and you can use it to bake up pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or my famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

10.) Pull out all your Halloween storage boxes and organize everything. Think of it as Halloween spring cleaning. Plus, you will make room for the new Halloween goodies that will hit shelves in a few short months. If you decide to get rid of anything, give it to friends, donate it, or post it for free or for sale on community message boards rather than just tossing it.

11.) Adorn yourself in the scents of autumn. You might not think a lot of shops have Halloween scents this time of year, but you'd be surprised at the amount you will find on Etsy or other shops. I recommend Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop, Seance Perfumes, and Bloodbath Products (all of which are cruelty-free and most of their products are vegan). Here is a list of other Samhain scents that will make you smell like Halloween all year-round.

12.) Get crafty and create something Halloweenie! This could be as simple as coloring in a Halloween coloring book, sketching some Halloween doodles, making a Halloween collage, or you could get a little more complex and try some Halloween DIYs (just do a Google search to spark your imagination).

13.) Start planning for Halloween! Whether you want to throw a party or just think about the kind of events and haunts you want to go to, creating a list will get you pumped that Halloween is just six months away!

How are you celebrating Halfway to Halloween? What are your plans for Halloween 2018 so far?

Until next time, stay spooky!

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