Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I'm Listening To: A Playlist Shuffle Meme

The gorgeous TwiggX

Memes like this are a guilty pleasure for me, so when I stumbled upon a friend who completed this one I just had to take part!

Feel free to post your own list, just follow the rules below:

(1) Turn on your MP3 player or music player on your computer.

(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.

(3) List the first 15 songs that come up (song title and artist) NO editing/cheating, please. Even if you might skip the song when it comes up or be embarrassed for people to know that it's in your collection, you still must list it.

Here are the songs that came up for me during this little experiment:

1. Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
2. Well I Wonder - The Smiths
3. Untitled - Silverchair
4. Gold - Repo! The Genetic Opera
5. Start Again - Ayria
6. Sanctuary - Midnight Syndicate
7. Sorry - Assemblage 23
8. Shiddin - Glenn Danzig
9. I Feel Loved - Depeche Mode
10. Slasher - Dawn of Ashes
11. Coward as a Slave - Hocico
12. Blut Royale - Combichrist
13. Sklave - Nachtmar
14. A Letter to Elise - The Cure
15. Architect - Aesthetic Perfection

And, for your pleasure, the B-sides:

1. Kill Kitty - Angelspit
2. Self-Made - Otep
3. Dead March - Suicide Commando
4. Voice of the Sun - Ikon
5. St. Vitus Dance - Bauhaus
6. Go Into the Water - Dethklok
7. The Endless Feed - Dark Tranquility
8. Bats in the Belfry - Nox Arcana
9. Dead or Alive (God Mod Rotten Skin Dance Mix) - Amduscia
10. She - Misfits
11. Banboro Koubou - Aural Vampire
12. See You in Hell - Voltaire
13. The Day the World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails
14. Pale - The Birthday Massacre
15. October Skies - Glis

Feel free to participate and make sure to tag me in your post...I love seeing what other people listen to!

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