Friday, July 1, 2011

Limited Edition God Module "Séance" Box Set Available for Pre-Order!

One of my absolutely favorite bands and purveyors of "spooky dance music", God Module, have announced a very special limited edition box set of their new CD, Séance!

Check out the press release below:

Webster’s Dictionary defines the term “séance” as a spiritualist sitting to receive spirit communications. With this new album, we find God Module presenting a brutal, uncompromising set of otherworldly songs. Hypnotizing rhythms, ritualistic hooks, and lyrical content exploring the darkest corners of the human psyche all blend seamlessly into the singular, demonic vision that is Séance. God Module mastermind Jasyn Bangert is once again joined by Courtney Bangert as well as new member Clint Carney (System Syn, Imperative Reaction). Séance has opened a doorway to something dark, something evil.

“So, let’s dance, like we’re dead…”


01. Ouija
02. Devil's Night
03. Plastic
04. Doppelganger
05. M.D.K.
06. Extinct
07. Rituals
08. Into the Outside
09. Video
10. Remember
11. Fake Fame
12. Afraid of the Light

Extremely limited edition God Module Séance CD Ouija box set. $99 while they last! @

Only 100 will be created and assembled by God Module! They will be individually numbered and signed by the band. All items are packed inside a 14.5 x 11.5 faux leather bound hard box, including a custom God Module Ouija Board that is suitable for framing or contacting the beyond!

God Module Séance Limited Edition Ouija Box Set contains:

-Exclusive 14 x 11" God Module designed and professionally made Ouija Board with hand crafted planchette

-Exclusive GLOW IN THE DARK Séance 2 sided t-shirt or girls shirt

-Exclusive 11 x 14" God Module CD art print on 70lb card stock

-Exclusive Séance 2 button set

-Exclusive postcard that will be personalized and signed by all 3 members of God Module

-19x13" God Module Séance cover poster

-8 x 2.75 "Let's dance like we're dead" God Module bumper sticker

NO exclusive element of these packages will be sold separately. To keep these exclusive, we are offering this as a complete package ONLY. You cannot buy the glow in the dark version of the shirts, custom box, art print, button set, postcard or Ouija board and planchette separately!

The shirts will be available in all sizes (men's S-3X - girl shirts S-XL (baby doll type). Each shirt will be custom printed per order after the pre-sale is over. That means you do not have to worry about us running out of your size while the package remains available.

This is a PRE-ORDER so all box sets and bundles will be sent out on or before the release date of the CD which is September 13th 2011!

Photos and ordering info on the following box set and CD bundles can be found

More info on God Module @


  1. Now that is a must have for the graveyard!!! Thanks for the heads up!!


  2. Cool package. A favorite band of mine, The Black Dahlia Murder, did a similar box set release for their "Ritual" cd this past June. Came with a ouija board, "coffin nails," incense cones, and a sage wand.

    I like that bands are getting more creative with their releases now.


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