Friday, December 2, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas: Creepy Calendars for 2012

Looking for an awesome calendar to make a great Christmas gift for your favorite goth, horror fan or someone who just plain appreciates all things dark and spooky?

Well, I've dug up all the best creepy calendars for the coming year! Take a gander below (links lead to each product's Amazon page, cuz I like to make it convenient for my dear readers!)!

This has been my go-to calendar for years!
This calendar always has gorgeous photos as well 
as some scintillating history on the places it features

It looks like this year this will be my #1 calendar (sorry
Haunted Realms!). I love cemetery photography 
and these compositions are absolutely striking!

I absolutely adore the artwork of Jasmine-Becket-Griffith,
so I was thrilled when I found this calendar featuring her 
stunning artwork.
Who doesn't love beautiful black cats? I have 
one of my own at home (and if I had it my way, 
would have more), so I have a special place in
my heart for the mysterious black cat!

The Hammer Glamour book is brilliantly sexy on its own, 
so how about a companion calendar to go with it? 
The ladies for horror's golden age await you!

You love the comics (and maybe the show), so why not
enjoy some of Robert Kirkman's most heart-stopping
images from the zombie comics year-round?!


  1. Good, good~! Was looking for something like this. Thanks a million!!!

  2. I'm loving the Haunted Realm calendar. There is something about how the black and white photos have been manipulated that I find appealing, perfect creepy atmosphere.

  3. Oh, brilliant selection! I will absolutely be checking out the "Guardian: Cemeteries and Their Sentinels Calendar"! Thanks for the links!!

  4. The Haunted Realm calendar looks really interesting! Thanks for the link! Creepy good and afforable!

  5. Oh my! I didn't know there was a Hammer Glamour calendar coming out! I think they'd frown on my having that in my cube at work though...

  6. A friend of mine had given me a Guardian: Cemeteries & Their Sentinels calendar one year and it was the greatest calendar I have ever owned. I was actually looking for it and had googled it and was brought here! Thank you so much for leading me back to it! :D


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