Friday, August 10, 2012

Halloween 2012 at Michael's

Well, after desperately waiting for my local Michael's craft store to stock Halloween items, I was ecstatic to finally find the store decorated for my favorite time of year this week! They had autumnal foliage, Lemax's Spooky Town miniatures, fall-scented candles and lots of Halloween decorations gracing their shelves (with more to come).

I snapped a few pics of what they had in stock for Halloween 2012:

Lottsa Halloween signs

Lemax cuteness!

I really, really wanted this Lemax Cemetery Tours Hearse, 
but at $24.99 it was too pricey :(

Lottsa cute potion bottles! I, of course, love the bat ones, 
but the "Devastation Prevention Potion" was pretty cool too!

Freaky Frankie magnetic game...just $1 and they had 
a bunch of different ones - ghost, witch, pumpkin, etc.

More potion bottles - I never buy any (just make my own)
but I do love the pretty colors and clever labels!

Bedazzled scarab skulls

 I wish they had this in human-sizes, but this was just
a pet costume!

 I normally abhor anything glittery for Halloween, 
but since this was batty and just had a bit of black 
glitter, I couldn't resist!

Skellies! I want to take them all home w/ me!

Michael's is usually one of the first stores to stock Halloween items, but it seems mine in particular waited until the beginning of August to start putting spooky stuff out as opposed to a few years ago when it when up in mid-July!

Better late than never, though, and I was happy to just see Halloween stuff out! I can't wait until they are fully stocked!

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  1. I'm sooo jealous! Meanwhile in Australia all the stores are stocking up for Christmas. ;-;


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