Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Food Review: Candy Corn Oreos

I have been on a hunt for Candy Corn Oreos ever since they were put on shelves way back on September 10th. I went to several Targets (the only store carrying the elusive special edition Oreos), but I didn't have any luck finding them...that is, until yesterday!

I finally found them, but they were relegated to the back end cap of one of the food aisles. I thought it odd they weren't out on the main aisles or with the Halloween stuff, but I was just relieved to have finally found them!

And to the doubters, yes, these Oreos are vegan! Just want to get that outta the way first and foremost.

As soon as I got home I couldn't wait to try these treats! I ripped into the package and the first thing I noticed was how yummy they smelled! They were sweetly scented with sugar, vanilla and a hint of spice. Mmmmmmm!

I popped a whole Oreo into my mouth and savored the crunch of the cookie. The taste wasn't exactly like candy corn but I still loved it! It was sugary but not as overpowering as candy corn often is and had a smooth vanilla flavor.

I realize the cookies don't taste exactly like candy corn (which has disappointed a lot of people), but candy corn is essentially sugar and I think these Oreos with their vanilla sweetness are a good imitation. I love their taste and I will definitely buy another package! I also appreciate that these are vegan (though "accidentally" I'm sure...Nabisco isn't the most vegan-friendly company) and that they didn't add honey to their recipe.

::SIDE RANT:: I still cannot fathom people who call this the grossest-sounding cookie ever cuz they hate candy corn! I just can't understand people who don't like candy corn! ::END RANT::

What are your thoughts on the Candy Corn Oreos?

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  1. I like em, but like candy corn I can only eat so many before it's too much sugar.


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