Sunday, November 11, 2012

Join the Creepmas Celebration this December

It's almost that time of year again, fiends! It is nearly time for another Creepmas celebration!

Creepmas is a blogging event where bloggers unite to put a spooky spin on the Christmas season for the first 13 days in December. Much like Christmas encroaches upon our precious Halloween season with red and green decorations showing up on shelves in October (or earlier!), Creepmas is all about injecting some much needed creepiness onto the winter holidays and putting a scary spin on them!

Think Krampus-inspired posts, zombie Santas, holiday horror movies, Halloween trees, spider-web snowflakes, gothic poems, spooky sugar cookies and anything else your dark little heart can imagine!

I am going to be participating in the fearsome festivities for the second year in a row (check out last year's posts here!) and invite you to do the same! It is such a fun celebration, with everyone offering up unique posts and adding some much needed spooky flair into the Christmas holiday season!

You can find more info on Creepmas and how to participate on the official Creepmas site!


  1. Thanks for helping promote the event!

  2. Yay! Creepmas time again! I better get to thinking up some posts!

  3. Oh Cool! I'll have to mention it in my show this week!

    Cheers for everything you do!

    Rigarmorty (Blight Night Podcast)

  4. I have no blog but I do have some inherent creepiness, I'm down for the season!


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